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Thursday, September 13, 2007


First of 2 taken at EVERGREEN CEMETERY.
These 2 photos were taken one right after the other.
I was standing completely still with
the stablizer feature activated.

ORBS In Motion???

Greetings Ghosties,

Many of you are already fans of David Rountree's BLOG at GHOSTVILLAGE. It is in my opinion, one of the best paranormal Blogs out there. David recently wrote this fantastic article about the hotly contested debate of: ORBS.

He was kind enough to allow me to share it with you all!
Check out his GV BLOG:
As the battle continues to rage concerning the validity of orbs and their relationship to paranormal activity, new techniques and devices are being invented every day to try and “clear up the picture.”
It is generally accepted by all serious researchers that the majority of orbs captured with digital cameras is created by the cameras response to a foreign object VERY close to the lens. This holds true for dust, pollen, particulate matter of any kind, as well as liquids, although with liquids there has to be a situation called neutral velocity involved. So it is very easy to artificially create orbs and photograph them.By carefully experimenting with my camera (a Sony MAVICA) I have been able to determine that in order for dust to print as an orb, it HAS to be within four inches of the lens. The solution to eliminating false orbs from your photographs is quite simple. Fashion a hood for your camera that will keep dust out of the four inch corridor. Sound easy? It certainly is.
The people at GhostGadgets even have a how to page on how to make your own device, something they call the DEVA or Dust Eliminating Video Apparatus. Of course it will also work for still cameras as well.

A lot of people ask me, or in some cases they just tell me that you cannot tell a paranormal orb from a dust particle, or even that paranormal orbs do not exist at all. The people who say this have obviously NEVER performed any orb research other than reading what the critics say, who by the way have also not performed any orb research. If they would have, they would have found that some orbs defy the dust/particle explanation.
For example:
Any orb that is in motion and leaves a trail on a digital camera and clearly changes direction in the photo is not a dust particle. Whatever it is, the orb is moving faster than the speed of the digital camera, which is 1/30th of a second. That is indicative of an incredibly high velocity, not sustainable inside a building by air or convection currents.
So what is it? Well we don’t know for sure, but we know what it ISN’T.Another example would be to have an orb partially obscured by something in the background. We have captured a few of these photos over the years with both film and digital cameras. Since the orb is appearing beyond the 4 inch event field, it is impossible for it to be dust or any foreign particulate mass, in the natural sense, to our knowledge. What it may be is open to conjecture. I have a theory that it is the result of weak plasma being bombarded with the photons from a flash. In cases where they are captured without a flash, it is indicative of the plasma radiating light at a lower frequency such as in the infrared range, or at a higher frequency, such as the ultraviolet range of light. We know this because the digital camera sees well into both of these spectrums, while the human eye does not. For film users, it means a special light sensitive film must be used, either for IR or UV, which including processing, it very expensive.If we eliminate the use of digital cameras, we are eliminating a valuable tool. What we need to do instead is employ devices that will eliminate false orb captures.
The fine researchers at Ghostgadgets have done exactly that. They have also amassed some valuable data on their own research on their site. Here is the link for those who are interested: http://www.ghostgadgets.com/_knowledge/orbs.html
They have also included examples of dust orbs as well as orbs which defy the “dust” explanation. Also to their credit, the text is written in lay terms so even beginners will understand the idea and concepts presented.The instructions and material list for making your own DEVA have been graciously supplied, and have been posted since 2004. They are located here:http://www.ghostgadgets.com/_howto/DEVA.html
By employing this device you will be eliminating dust orbs from your photographs. Any orb that appears will be due to some other explanation.Ghostgadgets also have an article on EMF meters that EVERY investigator should read. http://www.ghostgadgets.com/_knowledge/emfexplained.html
These guys have put down the words to explain exactly what you are doing when you take an EMF reading. They also have a comparison page to help you decide which meter is best for your application and experience.http://www.ghostgadgets.com/_knowledge/emfmeters.html
These guys have a quality website, print factual information based on independent research, and offer it up to the public for peer review. These guys are doing what we all should be doing, but unfortunately only a precious few are following the lead.Kudos to Ghostgadgets.com!

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