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I cannot remember life without GHOSTS/SPIRITS... My interest began in the paranormal when I was 2...that's when my mom told me I first started talking about GHOSTS/SPIRITS. I grew up like most of you, learning that one shouldn't talk about the things they can see, hear and feel. Now, after years of ignoring these abilities and senses, I can no longer deny it. The TIME has come...

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This balance must be kept and one must be careful
not to go overboard in one direction or another.
One extreme claims that there is no demonic activity today,
the second extreme blames demons for virtually everything.
Both extremes must be avoided.

--John Zaffis

Devils & Demons
by John Zaffis

The History of Demonology is one that is quite unclear before 1160 B.C. But writings from 1170 B.C. states that Magic was first conceived in a city called Persida and that a Nomad named Klingsor traveled there and brought back with him the art of Magically effecting whatever he wished.

I have been very fortunate to be able to study Demonology under Ed Warren for the last 26 years. I did not always believe that there were devils and demons, until I started working on cases of a demonic nature. Like they say seeing is believing. When you see people tortured by biting, scratches, burn marks and being thrown around inside churches by unseen forces, you tend to change your mind. It is especially hard not to believe, when you know these individuals are physically and mentally sane after reviewing their medicals reports. After working on many cases there are different levels of demons, in the next few paragraphs I will explain the different things they are capable of.

I dedicate this page to my uncle and aunt Ed and Lorraine Warren for all of the hard knocks, bumps and knowledge that I had to learn to get where I am today.

Are demons merely emanations or influences, or powers?
There are three attributes of personality. If it can be proven that something has all three of these attributes, then that something is a personality. These three attributes are intellect, emotion, and will.

First, do demons have intellect?
YES, and this is evident in many ways, demons know their own future doom, demons know that GOD is one, demons have a counterfeit system of doctrine and have the ability to communicate by speech.

Second, do demons have emotions?
YES, and this can be seen in two ways, first they have the emotion of fierceness and anger and second, they have the emotion of fear.

Third do they have will?
YES this can be seen in three ways, they have the will to make requests, they have the will to obey commands and orders and have the will to leave a person, and seek a new place to live or return to the place where they came from.

Do we know the origin of the Demons?
This is a lengthy topic in and of itself.

In a more specific sense, we should be aware of particular activities carried out by demons. For instance a demon can control and inflict physical maladies like dumbness, muteness, deafness, epilepsy and personal injury. Demons can cause suicide, they can give great physical strength, they can possess animals, cause men to worship demons, promote false doctrine and oppose the spiritual growth of believers. They even attempt to separate believers from the love of God, and to take control of all from within.

But not all physical maladies are caused by demons. There is a distinction between physical problems caused by human frailty, illness and those caused by demons. Demonic control, sometimes inaccurately called demonic possession, must be defined. The Greek daimonizomai means "to be demonized" emphasizing control rather than possession, in fact, the Greek word for possession is never used in conjunction with demons. We must realize that the original Greek though commonly translated as possessed by a demon, implying ownership is much more accurately translated to mean controlled by a demon.

How can one tell if someone is or is not controlled by a demon from within?
Before briefly mentioning specific symptoms, a word needs to be said in order to keep a balanced perspective.
These symptoms of demonic control by and of themselves do not prove that demons are residing in a person, because there may be other problems that cause these very same symptoms.

This balance must be kept and one must be careful not to go overboard in one direction or another. One extreme claims that there is no demonic activity today, the second extreme blames demons for virtually everything. Both extremes must be avoided. Now that you have a good idea of what a Demonologist is and what he is looking for by the way of a person being possessed. We catalog everything going on so when you encounter a Demon you will know as much about it for the next time you either encounter it or come across it.

Ghosts, Demons and Devils
By Brian McIntyre

Human Spirit
This type of spirit is the most commonly reported and accepted by those who have had some type of encounter with one. It is often said that our thoughts, our personality, and essentially that which is our essence survives the process we label as death. Death instead of an end is actually a transition, a part of the process of life and spiritual attainment and advancement. Fundamentally, many theories from different cultures and belief systems adopt the notion that this energy that makes us all unique lives on after the body is long gone and decrepit.

Many individuals report seeing actual physical presences while others feel the presence or sense it. Others may witness the slamming of doors, appearances of spirit or energy in photos, or disembodied voices caught on tape recordings whose vocalizations, when tested, sometimes reside on a frequency which no human on this plane can duplicate vocally. No matter how it manifests you still have a visitor. This is not to say that all locations are haunted, but many homes, business, parks, cemeteries, woodlands, and actually anywhere that exists has the possibility of a haunting.

Human spirit is often thought to be attracted to certain individuals because of their sensitivity, or psychic abilities, and also due to the energy field around the body: the human aura.

Human spirit also tends to reside in areas which were familiar and comfortable to them in life. Also they may reside in the vicinity of a tragedy in which they were involved with. With human spirit the possibilities are endless and each case is completely circumstantial based on the actual evidence. With this type of phenomena there can be fright because it is indeed something we do not wholly understand or accept, but the chances of real harm are far less than spiritual beings which are stronger and part of a different categorization.

The Demonic Spirit
Demonology is for the most part considered, especially in such times where science rules modern man, an unconventional science or area of study. Essentially it is a legit field which encompasses many endeavors to explain what most consider to be a myth. By the categorization, study, and actual witness to phenomena which is considered diabolical, one who embarks in this field tries to understand the nature of these energies which have intelligence, the ability to interact on this plane of existence, and the abilities to coerce man into his own downfall.

In referring to the demonic, many visions come to mind. Fiery monsters from some hellish abyss tend to fill the mind of those who have seen their supposed likeness in modern media-based depictions. In regards to investigative work such horrid visions are a complete rarity. When the demonic lashes out it is usually in complete invisibility. The best way to frighten is to lash out almost undetected. If a visual does occur it may be in a completely anonymous form. Often dark black, wispy shapes are seen in cases where the demonic are concerned. It relies on this anonymity to conceal it’s identity. It’s main strength is the ability to conceal itself. By causing disbelief, confusion, and a general consensus of harmlessness, the demonic spirit operates best and at it’s full strength.

The demonic will try to scare and grab a foothold where infestation is concerned. This stages precedes encroachment, the stage where permission was granted either willingly or unwillingly for the spirit or spirits to take hold. This stage is much like phenomena caused by human spirit. Attention grabbers and minor scare tactics will arise to establish a fuel source. That fuel the very fear one throws off when experiencing that which they do not understand. It needs to be recognized to gain the ability to grow in intensity and needs it’s fuel composed of fear and basic human weaknesses.

Next, if the progression continues, oppression will set in.
This stage is far greater than that of infestation. Now a mental barrage of temptation, terrible dreams, and fear may consume the person who is experiencing the assault of senses. Constant sleep depravation may be used as well to break down the targeted individual or individuals. The demonic knows the weaknesses of those who it attacks, using these weaknesses to continue to gain muscle and potency.

Also the physical phenomena will increase in both duration and intensity. Larger, heavier objects will move, hard poundings may occur, actual biting and scratching may occur as part of the debasing physical assaults on the intended victim. Oppression may take weeks, months, or even years, and there is no guarantee if the barrage will work so the struggle often becomes more and more intense. Therefore, by slithering about, stalking the essence of the individual, it can be very constant and intensify as resistance is applied. There is no time in the spirit world, these sinister and cunning spirits trying to execute the most intelligent plan of attack to dominate and conquer the will of that person. It is this stage where the demonic is setting the person up for the ultimate goal and desire: possession.

Devils. The term is used to describe those negative spiritual beings which are higher up on the scale pertaining to ability. By categorical means, this spirit is essentially much more powerful, intelligent, and even more menacing and cunning. Where this callous spirit is concerned huge objects may be moved, the manipulation of blessed objects may occur, the materialization of matter, teleportation, levitations of humans and objects, and more vile behavior which transcends basic spirit activity.

These are in essence the commanders of the demonic militia. They will step in and take charge if need be and are more repulsive and sacrilegious than many can even imagine. The fear God because of their pride, the reason why they are shrouded in darkness to begin with.
Whether it is a demon or a higher-elevated monger of hate, one thing is for sure. You still have a problem to deal with. Few will come face to face with these satanic spirits, but those who have cannot doubt their existence.

There will always be controversy between people and organizations as to the true nature of what we are experiencing, in the paranormal way of thinking. There are both people and organizations that believe that every case encountered is demonic or diabolical. In reality, the odds of encountering preternatural entities are much lower than experiencing human spirits. Of course, demonic or diabolical occurrences are much more popular to the public and there are people who will explain most cases as being preternatural in nature for popularity sake.

On the opposite end of the coin are the people who believe that the devil and / or demons do not exist. We have encountered many religious authorities who, although live the life of religion, insist that there is no such thing as evil existing on earth. There are also people who believe the same ideas. We must always remember that where there is good, there is evil. Where there are miracles, there are possessions. Where there are Angelic visits, there are demonic and diabolical infestations. If we close our eyes to the negative side of life and death, we become vulnerable to its influence.

The key point is that spirits do exist. Not only do good human spirits roam the earth, bad human spirits do also. In many occasions, where there are human spirits, you may likely have inhuman spirits who are out to torment those earthbound human spirits. Lastly, Angelic spirits are also present, although usually not encountered as often as the others.




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Ed and Lorraine Warren

From The Archives of GHOSTVILLAGE

Interview By: Jeff Belanger
Photographs By: Shannon Hicks

The new television program, PARANORMAL STATE, airing on the A&E network has already seen its share of controversy. And the addition of Lorraine Warren seems to have added fuel to the fire. But as some folks spew what they believe are facts about the Warrens, I thought it pertinent to review what GHOSTVILLAGE CREATOR JEFF BELANGER'S INTERVIEW revealed...

So, from GhostVillage

I am pleased to present to you Jeff's interview.
But before I begin...
I just want to take a moment to THANK ED & LORRAINE for ALL that they have done!!!!!!
GODSPEED ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOD BLESS LORRAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Spirits, hauntings, vampires, werewolves, demons and devils are all part of the Halloween tradition—but for Ed and Lorraine Warren of Monroe, CT it's been their living for almost 50 years. I caught up to the Warrens at their Occult Museum in Monroe recently and talked with Ed Warren about where the Warrens met, their religious and spiritual beliefs and how they became the world-renowned ghostbusters that they are today.

Since 1952 the Warrens have been the directors of the New England Society for Psychic Research and to date they have investigated over 4,000 hauntings. The goal of the N.S.P.R. has been to share information with other groups who are investigating the same type of phenomenon and to help people that are plagued by the supernatural.

The Warrens were the psychic investigators for the Amityville house and they also wrote a book called The Haunted based on a Pennsylvania family who came under diabolical possession—the book was made into a TV movie on Fox and according to Ed Warren the movie takes no dramatic license, it was portrayed very accurately.

A few years ago Cardinal O'Conner of New York had publicly stated that three cases of diabolical possession going on at the time and that exorcism was going to be performed. The news media jumped on it and it was the Warrens who investigated all three cases.

Ed Warren is one of 7 religious demonologists, the other six are all priests and Ed is the only lay demonologist in the country. Ed acquired the title by his work with the church.

How the Warrens Got Started
Ed Warren grew up in a haunted house from the time he was five until he was 12. “My father, who was a police officer at the time would say, “Ed, there's a logical reason for everything that happens in this house,” but he never came up with that logical reason. I'll give you an example:

“My family would go to bed and just around two o'clock, three o'clock in the morning, many times I would hear the closet door opening up. I'd look into that closet and see darkness, then I'd start to see a light starting to form and it went into like a ball shape sort of like a basketball and then I'd see a face in that ball—they call that a ghost globule—I didn't know what it was then. It was the face of an old lady, and she was not looking pleasant—the ball came out into my bedroom and I could hear footsteps and heavy breathing, the room became icy cold, that's a psychic cold—and I'm saying to myself, “There's a logical reason for all of this,” but by that time I was out of the bed and right between my mother and father in their bed.”

When Ed was 16 years-old he worked as an usher at the Colonial Theatre in Bridegport and it was there that he met Lorraine. “Lorraine and her mother used to come every Wednesday night,” Ed remembered. “So I'd see her coming in and we started talking and became friends. I was 16 at the time and she was 16, one night I walked her home and asked her for a date—and that's how it started.”

Ed Warren went into the Navy on his seventeenth birthday and four months later, after his ship sank in the North Atlantic he was home for 30-day survivor's leave. It was during that leave that the two were married.

When Ed returned after the World War II he and Lorraine had a daughter and Ed went to Perry Art school which is a subsidiary of Yale for about two years. “I got fed up with that,” Ed said. “I told Lorraine one day, “You know, I can paint better than these instructors. What they're teaching me is a lot of Geometry and a lot of nonsense that I don't need for painting.” I said, “We'll have some fun.

“I bought this car for $15 dollars which I still have in the yard. It's a 1933 Chevy Eagle—deluxe. The guy gave me two wheels with it. I had to pay him off on time—five dollars a week. I said to Lorraine, “You know, if we go up to the new areas where they're opening up for tourists like Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire—I'll bet I can take a bunch of my paintings and put them out there when people are walking by and we'll sell some.”

And the Warrens did have fun, “We were making a fantastic living, selling the paintings for fabulous prices—three dollars, four dollars. But you've got to remember one thing, hot dogs were a dime, hamburgers were a dime, the theater was a quarter, gas was 18 cents a gallon. So, when you made five dollars on a painting, you were doing pretty good.”

It was through painting that the Warrens began their ghost investigation. If Ed heard of any place that claimed to be haunted, whether a haunted house, a haunted location he would drag Lorraine to check it out. “Oh Ed, there are no such things as ghosts,” Lorraine would tell him. Ed reminded Lorraine of his early days at his haunted house in Bridgeport and Lorraine would go.

But, the way the Warrens got into the haunted houses is especially interesting, “We were just kids nobody was just going to let us in, we were curiosity seekers—we were not the directors of the New England Society for Psychic Research.

“So, I'd go out in the middle of the road where they could all see me and I'd start to sketch the house and you'd see the curtains going back and forth “What's this kid doing?” they would be thinking.

“I would do a really nice sketch of the house with ghosts coming out of it and everything and give it to Lorraine and she'd go knock on the door and with her Irish personality she'd say, “Oh, my husband loves to sketch and paint haunted houses and he made this for you.” I made it special for them.”

So it was through the paintings that the Warrens got themselves into these haunted houses. And then they would talk with the homeowners one-on-one. Basically, Ed just wanted to see if the same things happened to those families that happened to his family.

A possessed doll from the Warren's Occult Museum

Spirits and the Investigations
Ed Warren:
If you look at a fan and it's standing still, you can see the propellers very easily. But, if that fan starts up you can't see anything—it's invisible. Spirits are on that different vibrational field. They're all around us right now but you can't see them. But if you were like Lorraine, you could see them clairvisually, hear them claiaudioally.

I can't. And it wouldn't pay for me to do that because as an investigator people would think I'm a little odd seeing ghosts flying around when they couldn't see anything. So, I have to see it, I have to feel it, I have to hear it, I have to record it before I accept it.

But, mediums and clairvoyants are very necessary to us because they tell us immediately if something is there. I wouldn't know—I could go into a building for a month and not know if there is something really there. I could interview the people, and maybe through my knowledge I could tell if something is there, but the clairvoyant is the draw. The spirits are drawn to a medium/clairvoyant like a moth is drawn to a flame.

Many times we use three or four clairvoyants in one place. We take them into a house one-at-a-time, they don't know where they're going, what the case is about, etc. And if they all tell me the same thing, that they see a woman spirit in a certain room or a man or a child, then I know that we're on the right track.

I do think scientifically, we do have scientists working with us, and I think theologically and scientifically. There are organizations of atheists, so-called skeptical investigators that say, “There is no proof scientifically that God exists, that spirits exist that miracles occur.”

That's ridiculous, there's all kinds of proof. In [the Occult Museum] we have hundreds of items, we have thousands of cases between here and the other buildings out there that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the supernatural exists and the pre-to-natural exists. When I say `pre-to-natural' I'm talking about negative and `supernatural' is positive.

We have filmed the White Lady of Easton. We have filmed poltergeists, attacks on people, ghosts and we have taken many pictures of ghosts.

We work with any clergy that their religion teaches love of God and love of your fellow man. We are not stupid enough to think that because we are Catholics that we are the only religion saved—that's what the problem is with Ireland is today—and a lot of other places. We work with all people of all faiths.

We have thousands of pictures of ghosts. And I'm not talking about filmy ectoplasmic type material, I'm talking about spirits that are as clear as you and I. You ask us for evidence, we'll give you that evidence.

We proved in a court of law in 1989 that a woman and her young child driven out of her house by ghosts. She lived in Hebron, Connecticut. We went into Rockville court and we won the case. The Realtor that leased her the house was suing her for $2,000. She begged us to go into the house and to get some evidence that would prove that there really were ghosts.

Now, you don't walk into a court of law and saw, “Well judge, there was ghosts there.”—You have to have evidence. In any court of law they use photographs, recordings and credible witnesses as evidence—that's what we use. We won the case, we set a precedent here in the United States.

Scientists would say, “you didn't prove a thing, because you didn't take that ghost and put it in a bottle so we can open him up and examine him.” That's stupid. They're saying that scientifically that you have to prove that God exists, that ghosts exist, there is no such thing you can't get scientific in a supernatural world.

So, if we can prove in a court of law that ghosts exist and haunted houses exist I think that's good enough for anyone.

A headstone used as a satanic altar as seen in the Occult Museum

The New England Society For Psychic Research
The New England Society for Psychic was founded in 1952 and the goal at first was to simply investigate hauntings. Then, around 1965 the Warrens went into a home where the spirit of a little girl named Cynthia and they listened to the little child coming through a deep-trance medium and she was looking for her mother. Ed thought to himself, “This is horrible, this little child is earth-bound. She's looking for her mother constantly day in and day out. How do I help this child?”

It was no longer just experiencing the hauntings, now the Warrens wanted to help. The question arose as to where to get the knowledge to help anybody in spirit? Well, who delves into the supernatural? Priests, clergyman, rabbis. Ed started interviewing dozens and dozens of clergyman of all faiths, and would ask them “If somebody called you from your parish and said there was a ghost in the house what would you do?”

Some said, “I tell them to go see a psychiatrist.” Others said, “I'd go to the house and I'd bless it. If the blessing didn't work I'd say a mass, and if the mass didn't work I'd perform the right of exorcism.” But many Catholic priests interviewed didn't even believe there's a devil. And yet all of this material is part of Catholicism's' teaching. It is in the bible, within every ten words you have a psychic word: apparition, ghost, devil, demon, evil—it's all in the bible, everything we talk about.

The N.E.S.P.R. work is based in religion but also uses science. People have said to the Warrens, “Oh God, you go into a house and you look for devils.” And Ed's response, “Your damn right I look for devils, and I look for everything else to. And I have the scientists with me and they're looking for something else and we get together and we talk and straighten the whole thing out. Nobody can bring us into a house and fool us. You couldn't tell us that your house is haunted and get away with it because I'm the biggest skeptic going. I have to see it, I have to hear it and I have to feel it with the pysical sense.”

Medical doctors, researchers, police officers, nurses, college student and house wives are all dedicated members who volunteer their services. The N.E.S.P.R. does not charge for their services and only asks for expenses to be covered.

The Skeptics
People have said, “Ed Warren hides behind his beliefs of Catholicism,” but he claims he uses them, he doesn't hide behind anything. “And I know that [Biblical beliefs] are fact because I've seen and I've heard and I've felt all the things that it talks about.

People have called Ed Warren an eccentric because he believes in devils and demons, “Of course I do,” he replies. “I learned about them as a child and proved they exist as a man—beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you don't want to call them devils and demons call them evil—I don't care what you call them. Religions are man-made, but spirituality isn't.

“From the day's that I went into a haunted house I always wanted media people with me and people condemned me for that. They said, “Ed Warren wants to be written up in newspapers, he wants to have books and movies. He wants to be exposed to the public. You're damn right I do. My whole thought is expose the devil and expose evil. A skeptical public is the best protection that evil has, and I'm going to make sure that I expose that evil anyway I can. People tell us that we get a lot of money for what we are doing here, our money comes very hard through these books and lectures. We don't get any easy money and the money we get we deserve and we don't charge for our services. But if you want us to come to Arizona, we are going to ask you for expenses.”

The Occult Museum
The Occult museum is a collection of artifacts, books, pictures, masks, idols located at the Warrens home in Monroe. Tours are available for $12.50 each and by appointment. The tour takes about two hours.

Ed Warren:

In the Occult museum, there are things that are so dangerous that just in touching them you could be very badly affected. They are the opposite of what you would touch in a church, a holy relic, a cross a statue, the statue, the crosses and relics have been blessed. When a priests blesses a relic or a statue, what he does is to project the vibrations of holiness into the molecular structure of that item.

Things in the museum were used in black witchcraft, magic, sorcery, curses—just the opposite was done. There are many Halloween-type masks—don't let that fool you. This is a smoke screen that sorcerers, Satanist, black witches project—that they're fools. They're not fools at all.

Local Hauntings
The White Lady of Easton has been seen by dozens of people for more than 50 years. Ed Warren has the White Lady on film, she is often seen around the Union cemetery by Route 59 in Easton.

Ed parked his van in Union cemetery and waited with his video recorder. The white lady did materialize and in fact within the last month some local police officers have also caught the White Lady on film.

Ed first recorded the White Lady on September 1, 1990 at 2:40 a.m. “The only light was a street light which was 50 yards from where I was sitting,” Ed recalled. “I heard a woman weeping and I looked out and saw hundreds of ghost lights floating around and forming into a figure of a woman. I couldn't make out facial features but I could see she had long, dark hair and she was dressed in white.

I started to walk towards her and she disappeared. You never walk towards the ghost, you let the ghost come to you because you can change the molecular and magnetic field when a ghost is materializing.

The Warrens receive anywhere from 6 to 12 phone calls a day from around the country and around the world from people looking for help. They regularly give lectures locally and they have published several books on their research and different cases.

To find out more about
New England Society for Psychic Research:
P.O. box 748,
Farmington, CT 06034

Or Visit:

To contact the Warrens
write to:
P.O. Box 41
Monroe, CT 06468.


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After a less than impressive demonstration of "shadow people?", the tour guide instructed a tour member to walk toward something that we guess only he could see. As the guy walked backed towards us we did not notice anything out of the ordinary until we played back the tape. As we are taping there is a flash of light that when slowed down appears to take "form". Also farther down the hall another object is visible which appears to move independently of the object closest to us. The object in the video is moving extremely fast so
we have slowed the video down 50% and then to frame by frame. We are making no claims about this video but it is definitely interesting. Take a look and see for yourself


Added: August 31, 2007

I was reading up about spirit voices caught on tape recorders and came across this "EVP" (Electronic Voice Phenomena) that suggests its a recording from the spirit world. The people who recorded the E.V.P Marcello Bacci and Mark Macy are professional ITC paranormal researchers. Some say it is an angelic choir. There was no one in the room other than the two, and no way music or sounds from anywhere else could have been picked up on the sound recorder. They have many more strange voices on tape, but I found this one the most interesting, I am not saying that I believe it, but its certainly intriguing, as I know about these researchers, and they are very honest and professional.

Angels are always associated with music, being the harp connection, and trumpets, and singing. Do you believe that this following E.V.P is a angelic choir?


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Great Archangel Michael
Archangel, defend us in battle,
be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the

May God rebuke our enemies, we humbly pray; and
do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of
God, thrust into Hell the Adversary and all other evil
spirits who prowl about the world for the ruin of


As we wind down our Series on Paranormal Investigations, I thought it would be neat to have a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Having founded 6 Cents Investigations in 2005, I have learned thru both trial and error many of the mishaps of investigations. Sometimes, you might have personality clashes or strong differences of opinion as to HOW To investigate. If you joined in on some investigations, and it or the group in general, has left you with a negative experience...


Consider beginning/founding your OWN group.
Now, while YOU may get to make many of the decisions... YOU will also find that you will need time to establish yourself and your team....
Develop YOUR reputation as a paranormal investigator/s.

It's always a great idea to develop *relationships* with other Teams for networking purposes.
I also believe that some teams, while having vastly different investigations styles, can actually compliment eachother quite nicely.

For example, a team made up of mostly scientists and techies can benefit from a team with Sensitives and/or Mediums, and vice versa. It is in my opinion, that you are more likeley to obtain results and evidence when a Medium is present. I believe that Ghosts/Spirits draw ENERGY from the Medium and this in turn helps that being to manifest. Also, Mediums quite often will sense the presence of different Astral Beings and can point photographers (or their own camera) in that direction.

For me a PARANORMAL DREAM TEAM would be 2 very different styles merging together.
An example of this in the paranormal media would be GHOSTHUNTERS (TAPS) and England's MOST HAUNTED. I would be very curious to view evidence gathered after such an investigation!

If you have had NO luck in your area finding or resonating with a team then I suggest you CREATE your own. But as I have stated many times, DO YOUR RESEARCH first!!!!
Approach this as you would any other science. Go out with at least 1 other person.

By golly, PLEASE be prepared and/or open to the idea that you could be confronted with something nasty and unseen. Read about famous, documented cases, before you conduct your own investigations. I also HIGHLY suggest reading HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL by Malachi Martin.
In my opinion, there is very GOOD reason for people to be wary of the paranormal.
You don't have to BELIEVE it but YOU SHOULD be AWARE...
And there's a difference between the 2.

There's a very fine line between AWARENESS and being AFRAID.
It is certainly NOT my intention to scare you. But I would be remiss if I did not make you aware of the totality of what is involved and potentially at stake in paranormal investigations. I hope that makes sense. I don't ask you to believe in or embrace EVERYTHING that I do...
I only ask that you fully EDUCATE yourself so that you can make INFORMED decisions.

One last thing...
PLEASE consider PRAYER before doing ANY types of investigations.
Honestly, what could it hurt???


Adapted from:
by Christine Parks

Your equipment can be as simple as a compass, basic thermometer, standard tape recorder with an external microphone and your basic 35mm camera and get the same results as someone who has an EMF meter, digital thermometer, digital recorder and fancy cameras.

Basic Starter Equipment List:

35mm Camera -
For trying to capture orbs, figures, mists, etc. and aids in documenting the investigation site and details.
Can be a disposable or a $30 instant camera.
Just a simple point and shoot will do just fine.
Remove straps and pull back hair
For best quality and results, don't forget tripods!

35mm Film -
Most ghost hunters carry two cameras; one loaded with each. Always buy good quality film!
400 to 800 speed
Black and White Film
Infrared Film-more expensive and must be kept cool.

Thermometer -
Drops in temperature are a common occurrence when a ghost is present. Spikes in the temperature are possible but not as frequent.
Your standard indoor/outdoor mercury thermometer may be slower but will work fine.
No batteries to replace or worry about dying during an investigation.

Compass -
A compass will react to any magnetic or electrical stimuli that are reported in haunting cases.
Also great for navigation.
No batteries to replace or worry about dying during an investigation.

Audio Recorder with external microphone & NEW Cassette Tapes -
This is for recording noises or voices that are inaudible at the time to human ears and making verbal notes.
You can pick one up at Wal-Mart or Radio Shack starting around $10.00
Always make sure you use new tapes, never record on an old tape!
Always make sure you use a separate external static free microphone.

Flashlights / Candles / Glo Sticks -
Depending on group preference, a red lens or red cellophane is used to prevent damage to light sensitive equipment such as camcorders with nightshot and to preserve the human eyes "night vision"
Candles can be used, but may be unreliable due to weather.
Glo sticks are safe and you don't need to worry about battery drain.
Never leave candles unattended, they may cause fire!

Batteries -
Batteries and lots more batteries for every piece of equipment you bring!

Notebook & Pens/Pencils -
Keep Case Notes, log records of events and personal journal information.

Wristwatch -
Logging records of events and durations of an occurrence.

Cell Phone -
Safety of your group should always be your number one concern!

*EDITORS NOTE - Cells are also extremely handy for organizing your hunt, and if people get separated before, during or after an investigation.

Area Map (If Possible) -
Always know the area and mark any areas that may be a safety hazard.

Identification -
In case the police show up and question your actions.

After you have gone on several investigations and decide that you are ready to invest more money and time into your new hobby, your equipment list will grow depending on areas that you are more interested in.

The Advanced Equipment List is the same as above plus a few added items that can range in price depending on the options you desire. The following items are not required but are nice to have on hand during and investigation.

More Advanced Equipment List:

Digital Camera -
For trying to capture orbs, figures, mists, etc. and aids in documenting the investigation site and details.
Great because you can see the pictures right away and have endless amount of picture taking ability.
Great money saving tools; just keep in mind that the pictures taken with them may not be considered hard evidence due to the lack of negatives.

Thermometers -
Indoor/Outdoor Digital thermometers and Infrared Thermal Scanners are the high tech ways to pin point abnormal cold or hot spots in the area.

Indoor/Outdoor Digital -
thermometers are better for using on the outdoor investigations. You can also get one that measure humidity as well.
Both are definitely something that you must work with before using in the field.

EMF(Electro-Magnetic Field) Detectors -
These devices can pick up electronic and magnetic fields over different frequencies.
Can be found relatively cheap, ranging from $25 to $200

Geiger Counter -
This is a very technical and expensive piece of equipment that requires special training to operate correctly. It reads the amount of radiation around us all the time
The price will vary depending upon the range reading abilities and accuracy of the model.

Expect to pay $100 to $1000. Used models can sometimes be purchased for less then $50at army surplus stores or online auction sites.

Night Vision Equipment -
This equipment is a fairly new tool to the ghost hunter.
You can get a very good scope for around $250

There are also adapters (under $30) that will attach the night vision scope directly to a video camcorder.

Two-Way Radios -
Safety of your group should always be your number one concern!
If your group must split up, it is a good idea to have these incase someone falls, needs assistance from others in the group or has lost their way in the dark.

Depending on the investigation (use your better judgment) a few additional items could be packed...

Optional Items to Consider:

Tape Measure (12 to 50 feet)
White Ball of String (100 feet)
Scissors and/or Knife
Drawing Paper or Sketch Pad
Chalk (white or colored to mark areas)
Cotton Balls (to put in windows and doorways to determine movement)
Talcum powder (to put on the floors to detect movement)
Liquid Level Ruler (to determine slanted areas)
First Aid Kit

Documentaries, Video, EVP, Television Clips, Radio Clips, Message Boards,
And MUCH more:


As a final note, I truly hope this Series on the PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR has helped answer some of the questions you wanted to ask but were unsure who to ask or where to look...



Monday, February 18, 2008

Photo Guardian Angel / ghost with my Nan! DO YOU SEE IT????

This is a photo of my nan and her guardian ange...
Added: February 04, 2008
This is a photo of my nan and her guardian angel. Some say it has the shape of Holy Mary. A few months after this photo she passed over and it wasn't until then that I noticed an image in the top right hand corner above her head. It is a bright glowing light on a cotton pillow cover. It reassures me and I share for the sake of sharing :-)

Music By Bliss
"Hundred Thousand Angels" http://www.blissfulmusic.com/

Thursday, February 14, 2008

CHECK IT OUT - YOUTUBE - Japan Ghost girl

Translated for me:
The old furniture was given to the baby's mother from her friend. This is what the narrator says at the end.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008



How to Conduct a Safe Ghost Hunt
By: Brandy Stark

Everyone will conduct their investigations slightly different...
At this time, to my knowledge we do not have a set of GUIDELINES in place for PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS. So, in my opinion, it's best to consult many different resources, both online and off.
Amongst my paranormal research, I found this article of interest.

"In the modern world, where technology makes so many things explainable; the realm of the supernatural remains one of the last uncharted scientific quadrants. Ghosts, with their cross cultural and historical allure, are an easy supernatural target to research. What neighborhood does not have a house reputed to be haunted? With the advent of more accessible and cheaper tools and gadgets almost anyone can hunt ghosts. However, even advanced technology does not ensure human safety on a ghost hunt, common sense and reasoning does.

If ever confronted by a supernatural entity, the first reaction MUST be to REMAIN CALM. Always remember that the living have more power than the dead. YOU are in control of yourself and the situation.


Several sources, both psychic and scientific, have recommended imagining yourself surrounded by an impenetrable white light bubble of mental/spiritual energy. While this may sound rather unusual, it is supposed to offer the living protection. Regardless of whether the bubble is actually drawing sustenance from an unknown energy or not, it is a method to help focus the mind, boost confidence, and offers the living a means of defense against the unknown.

*I personally take it a step further...
Asking each member to, either silently or aloud say a prayer of THEIR OWN FAITH for PROTECTION.
I ask you honestly to consider...
What could it hurt?
What could it help?

Before going on a ghost hunt try to get some of the local history of the area. Building records are available for a small fee from most City Halls. Try to ask about the building and see if any other research has been done on the area.

This is FANTASTIC advice.
You will be amazed at the potential of filling in any gaps in the investigations...

Always hunt in a group. This serves two purposes: one is to offer more eyes to witness a situation. The other is to offer more eyes to look out for one another. Pay attention to your own situation and offer verbal warnings to other teammates to avoid potentially unsafe locations.

Have different members of your team bring cameras, preferably 35 mm cameras. Black and White, infared, and color film are recommended for a ghost hunt, with a minimum speed of 400. Some may want to bring extra film in case of extreme manifestations. Digital cameras can also be used on a ghost hunt, though they may be subject to different forms of glare. Camcorders are also recommended to assist documentation of the hunt as well as offering another type of medium to pick up ghostly images. Try to avoid bringing Polaroid cameras as a common tendency is to blow on, move, or shake the film to help it develop faster which can leave marks on the film. Thumb impressions and fingerprints can also add images to the film.

*I think DIGTAL CAMERAS are a MUST...
If you are seriously investigating and searching for evidence, as opposed to just taking up a hobby.

To avoid unwanted images, check for streetlights and passing cars outside of the hunt location. Always have one person at a time taking a photograph. Stray flashes can appear as orbs on film. Have several different cameras take the same picture of one location, particularly if it has unusual readings. Compare developed pictures for images and similarities. If any group member smokes, tell them not to while on the hunt. The smoke from the cigarette causes a mist like form to appear on film. Also beware of the camera strap, for it makes a vortex like image on the film. Make sure it's always out of the way of your picture.

If possible, try to investigate the area during the day so that you may become more familiar with the layout for the ghost hunt. If the owner or employee of a location is monitoring the ghost hunt explain to them the procedures of the hunt, why they are being preformed, and what the results mean. This helps keep outsiders more at ease and will allow the investigation to flow more smoothly.

*I agree with this 100% and ALWAYS conduct some of the investigation during the day light. I also think it is wise to visit a location at different times of the day to see how the light casts different shadows, etc...This way you are less likely to make an unintended false identification.
Next, always wear sensible shoes. Comfortable shoes are always essential because ghost hunts usually entail a lot of walking around. Make sure shoes have good traction to help secure your footing when crawling through attics or scrambling around a bush.

Sensible clothing is also recomended. Jeans or pants are preferable; it's harder to scratch, scrape, or bruise skin that is not directly exposed to the environment. Clothes should offer a good amount of room for movement, however. Reaction time can be essential in a ghost hunt should any intruments register potential paranormal powers or should a ghost be sited.

Bring a very strong flashlight. Many ghosts hunts take place at night. Strong lighting is not always available. Flashlights also help to see into those dark and hidden places along a trail or in a home. Heavy duty flashlights are preferable, though they can be bulky and tiresome to carry. One option is to have different members of the team bring different types of flashlights from hand-held to heavy duty. Always bring more than one flashlight and spare batteries with you.


Members of the team shouldn't wear perfume or cologne, for it may distract the other team members, and/or mask the scent a ghost might be giving off.

Electromagnetic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is a newer method of ghost research. It entails bringing a blank tape never before used, and leaving it to record in a haunted area. A ghost investigator can ask questions to a ghost and pause to allow the ghost to answer, or a ghost hunter can invite the ghost to speak freely and leave the tape recorder recording as all others leave the area. By leaving the tape recorder this alone, this removes the possibilities of human tampering, of the recorder picking up stray sounds and whispers. It can also be used to determine if a noise is supernatural or natural in origin ( i.e., if the ghostly knockings heard by the residence are really the furnace turning on, etc. ).

Adding a first aid kit to your ghost hunting kit is also a god idea. Ointment and bandages should always be available just in case an accident does happen to you or a member of your crew.

Never enter a place marked "no trespassing" without permission. Avoid going to condemmed sites and areas that are "banned" to the public.

Leave a copy of the address where you and your team are ghost hunting and an approximate time to expect the teams return with a reliable person who is not on your ghost hunting team. A list of names and phone numbers of team members might also be a benefit in case of a large-scale emergency. If one or more members of a team are injured, or the team becomes lost and disoriented, this outside person will be available to locate the authorities and launch a search. Granted, this happens rarely, if ever, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is a simple percaution to take.

If you're attempting a ghost hunt in a cemetery, you may also wish to alert police to your presence. Also, be respectful to graves; try to avoid stepping on them or damaging any properties.

It may be advisable to remain within reach of a telephone or cell phone. If you bring a cell phone make sure it's turned off unless theres an emergency. Ringing cell phones can cause distractions during hunts, interviews, to other people on the team, and possibly the ghost itself! Active cell phones can also effect the readings of the EMF ( electromagnetic field ) meter.
Take along with you paper and pencils to document the ghost hunt. Take down times, dates, members who you're with, the area your exploring, etc.

Despite this list of tips, ghost hunting usually is not a dangerous *sport* if you pay attention and keep your mind focused on the surrounding area. However, always be prepared for an emergency, and have a plan worked out in advance with your teammates in case an injury does occur. Good luck, and safe and happy hunting!

*Well for me, it's not hunting, sport, or a game ...
It's more like being an Astral Social Worker!!!...LOL...

About Brandy:
Brandy Stark is one founder of a St. Petersburg-based ghost hunting group. She has been interested in ghosts since childhood and culminated her interest into a series of articles which have been published in Bayside News, and on Psychic-Tymes.com A recent graduate of the university of South Florida's Religious Studies Master's program, she devoted her academic studies to researching the role of ghosts through ancient religions.

Mission Statement and Origin:
We are the S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of St. Petersburg. We are Servicing Paranormal Investigators Reporting Information Through Study.

What we use: EMF meters, temperature sensitive gauge, black and white film, color film 400 speed, tape recorders, digital cameras, and video recorders.


Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ghost seen on the road...


Put on the whole armor of God.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities,against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God,
that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,
and having done all, to stand."

Ephesians VI:11-13

DEMONS & THE GHOSTBUSTER...Just in the movies???

The nature of demons and the devil himself (itself) have been a thorny topic for centuries....
Many people have very strong opinions on the matter to this day!!! Some believe that evil, demons and the devil have only as much power as the thought put into them. I personally, believed this for many years. It's a popular "new age" ideal as well.

On the other hand, there are just as many folks that are convinced that evil does indeed exist, as does the devil. In fact, some will tell you that the devil is everywhere and that the biggest secret the devil ever got away with was making peolple think he doesn't exist.

It may surprise some of you to know that HOMER described GODS & DEMONS often interchangeably. PLUTARCH speaks of "human souls as commencing, first heroes, then demons, and afterward as advancing to a more sublime degree." PHILO of BYBLUS seems to draw from this same tradition when he states that, "The most ancient of the barbarians, especially the Phoenicians and Egyptians, from whom other people derived this custom, accounted those the greatest gods who had found out things most necessary and useful in life -- and had been benefactors to mankind."

Some historians through the ages have believed there have been spikes of marked intensity of DEMONIC influence upon the earth. They saw these as cycles and explained many of societies problems & suffering on the influx of DEMONS. These time periods include: the destruction of Jerusalem; the fall of Rome; and the French Revolution. One would imagine they would have included many occurences of the 20th & 21st centuries, such as World War II, HITLER & the NAZI'S, to name just a few.

Long before Judeo-Christian ideas of Demons existed, there were other societies and peoples with their very own notions & thoughts about demons. DEMONS are still widely believed in today by Christians and non-Christian alike. It seems as though, ever since mankind changed or shifted, if you will, their awareness into the idea that the experience of negativity could indeed be EVIL personified, there has been great effort to control these universal DARK forces. Call it EXORCISM, etc...It's our human attempt to liberate ourselves from EVIL. DARKNESS, & DEMONS.

*Adapted From the Book:
The Complete Book of

So what then, are the esoteric defintions for evil and demons? Well of course that depends on your source but for our purposes I will use the:

The Donning International
Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary
June G. Bletzer ~ 1986

1. A neutral energy in the form of an activity or object that the beholder interprests to be bad or sinful
2. Puposeful inaccuracies of life activity, man-made decisions about another individual's evolutionary growth experience; one unfolding in his or her own path according to their own speed, but in accord to another persona's lifestyle or opinion
3. God fufillment in a dormant state
4. A name used to designate a step in evolution for growth that one does not approve of, nor feel compatable with at that time
5. Imperfect intelligence; ignorant actions
6. Manifestations of mixed consciousness; evil is not, it is in the mind
7. Graduations of good; scale of evil depends upon contemporary mass belief system
*Afterall, Vlad the Impaler was a HERO in his time .
8. Duality of balance, method of checking balances of polarity; bad opinionated experiences are necessary to understand and appreciate good opionated experiences
9. Evil is not real, as it is destructable and can be converted into good energies (good is indestructable)
10. Opposite aspects of the one energy, necessary to produce power and manifestations [cf. LAW OF POLARITY Appendix 7, GOOD, NEGATIVE THOUGHT]

A state of repulsion and attraction and balancing of NEGATIVE (female) and POSITIVE (male) energies of primordial essence, necessary to make thousands of VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES in the entire COSMOS under the direction of mind activity. The way a CONSTRUCT reacts to a magnetic or electrical field manifesting 2 opposite tendencies, positive and negative. Everything can be split into 2 complete opposing principles and each contrasting principle will contain the potential of the opposing principle; e.g., in life is the seed of death. [cf. LAW OF OPPOSITES]

An intelligence in the etheric world, low or (new) on the evolutionary scale, therefore its lifestyle appears to be evil or ignorant; capable of communicating with mankind, or being manipulated by them OR manipulating them, which ends in harm to people or their worldly situations; a soul-mind who pursued inferior activites in physical life, now abides in the lower plane and haunts man.

The ancient Greek misconception that an ugly person has an ugly soul is almost as tricky & foul, as the Devil himself. Unfortunatley, over time this has led many of the literary greats and artists to portray DEMONS as particlarly vulgar and gross. Many of the ideas for these descriptions & renderings came from the monsters of ancient mythos from around the world. Borrowed from the classical monsters, there likenesses included: bats, birds, bulls, centaurs, dogs dragons, goats, lions, satyrs, and serpents.

as Described by Alphonse de Spina (1467)

Fates, who alter destiny
Poltergeists, who cause mischief
Incubi and Succubi, who stimulate lust and perversion
Marching Hordes, who bring about war
Familiars, who assist witches
Nightmares, who disturb sleep through bad dreams
Demons formed from Human Semen
Disguised Demons
Demons who Assail the Saintly
Demons who Instigate Witchcraft

Saturday, February 02, 2008


While I find this footage compelling...
I am left wondering WHY the camera was not fixed on the child sleeping. It is possible they were hearing the door opening and closing and that's why the camera is aimed in that direction. What do YOU think??? Don't FORGET to VOTE!

Thursday, January 31, 2008


As always it is up for YOU to decide but THIS I find a bit FREAKY!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Greetings Ghosties,

I hope your New Year is off to a great start!!!

We saw many changes here, last year at 6 CENTS...
Not the least of which was saying GOODBYE to 3 of our team mates. They were all Japanese college students and have now graduated.
We will miss their, techincal expertise, attention to detail, and overall positive attitude. The team is not the same without them....

But so goes the cycle of life and as they say,
"When 1 door shuts, another opens"...


Drawings of the Dead
So, this year I will be, for the VERY FIRST TIME...
Displaying my drawings and portraits of the spirit world. A glimpse of what I see when Spirits/Ghosts come to me. This first portrait I drew...Almost 20 years ago.

YouTube Ghost Clip of the Week
Every week I will bring you a new, short ghost clip from YouTube. There are a number of ghost clips that I look at every week... Most of which appear to be faked or mishaps.
I try to bring you clips that really make you think.

The same goes for EVP's. These are a little harder to come by. This is because it's VERY EASY to fake. Without visual evidence, the EVP has to be quite compelling. I generally like to look at Paranormal Investigators EVP's.

I will have Surveys each week that you can participate in regarding these various clips....
Let us know what YOU THINK!

I will continue my interviews with various folks in the paranormal field and will try to bring you a wide variety of Guests...Some famous, some brand new.

Site Reviews
Do YOU have a really cool Paranormal site?
Want your site promoted?
Email me and we will see about showcasing your site and/or group.

More Book Reviews
Jeffrey WANDS' books were fantastic! I plan to bring you more of the same kind of quality reviews from a variety of paranormal topics and authors. Subjects will include: Edgar Cayce; Atlantis; Remote Viewing; History of the Ouija Board; Demonology...and much more!

Submissions & Artwork
PLEASE don't be SHY!!!
Have you always wanted to share your paranormal poetry, art, photos, and/or stories???
Well here's your shot....
I say GO FOR IT!!!

Her name is Sylvia.
I have NEVER been able to get her eyes out of my mind, they were so haunting.
She came to me about 20 years ago.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Behind the scenes with PRS

These INCREDIBLE creations come from:


When did you start making computer animations?

When I was 9 years old, using drag-and-drop doll makers and recoloring the clothes. I started making my own soon after, and after ten years of work, I'm actually starting to feel comfortable with the quality.

Why do you like PRS?



Actually, I can identify with alot of the things Ryan does, and what he's been through. It inspires me to be able to say it's okay that I've gone though alot of the things I've dealt with, and it's even more okay for me to talk about it with others.

Scariest Paranormal Moment ?

That would be the demon/evil spirit that has haunted me all my life, brought on by the abuse I was under all my life. He still haunts me to this day, and has attacked my legs, causing the nerves to degrade enough that I'm having to schedule surgery. Only recently did people begin to believe me about this, as the paranormal team I'm on caught a figure on various forms of equipment, looking like he was physically attacking me, even though I was just sitting there quietly. That's the scariest thing I've dealt with - being physically attacked by it.

Friday, January 25, 2008


on Stairs...
Hmmmm, what do YOU think???
Just Dust?

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Sentinel correspondent

If somebody started looting your house, you'd be upset too, right?

That's how paranormal investigator Erich Breger says the spirits at Brookdale Lodge, now renamed Brookdale Inn & Spa, have been feeling lately. Breger, the lead investigator with California Paranormal Investigations, took his team to the famed Santa Cruz Mountains resort late Thursday night to see if they could draw the local haunt's haunters out from the shadows and find out why all the ruckus.

Brookdale employees, particularly the cooks, have said they've seen increased paranormal activity since the previous owners sold the business and began taking with them old furniture, clippings and memorabilia.

"I think why it's happening is there is definitely a defiling that's going on here," said Breger, a Boulder Creek man with an intense stare, raspy voice, suit and black trench coat.

Brookdale Inn & Spa has long been thought to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl -- among others -- who drowned in the creek that runs through the dining area. During the 1940s and '50s gangsters made the lodge their home, and some legends say they buried bodies under the floor.

Opened in 1870, the lodge has been featured on "Ripley's Believe It or Not" and has hosted notables such as Marilyn Monroe and President Herbert Hoover.

In recent weeks, there have been reports of shadowy figures. Employees in the kitchen have reported hearing bangs. Chef Juan Diaz said he and a cook saw a pot do a full rotation while sitting on the burner about two months ago.

"It was all full of water so it was heavy," said Diaz in Spanish. "And we saw it spin around like somebody was moving it."

Then there was the incident this summer with the swinging doors to the kitchen, said Diaz.

"They opened like somebody was coming in but there was nobody there," he said. "Then they opened again like somebody was leaving."

Bartender Jonelle Badger, who has worked at Brookdale Inn & Spa for a year, says she's only heard stories of strange occurrences from her co-workers.

"I've never had an experience here that would lead me to believe there was a ghost," she said.

But Breger, the fleet manager at Ocean Honda when he's not tracking spirits, said his team thinks something was definitely going on Thursday night. His fellow investigators include Ed Hayes, Ronaldo Williams and Shelly Crowley, all of Brookdale and Boulder Creek. The four walked the different levels of the lodge Thursday night with equipment such as an EVP [Electronic Voice Phenomenon] monitor, EMF [Electro Magnetic Field] monitor, infrared cameras and a Ouija board. Breger said he and his team will review their evidence in more detail tonight.

"Based on what we've gathered so far there is definitely something going on there," he said.

Breger said he's never been scared of anything he's experienced in 15 years of pursuit. He also takes his team out to wrecking yards to look for spirits involved in fatal vehicle accidents.

"It's a totally untapped resource," he said.

As for skeptics of paranormal activity and investigation, Breger said he doesn't blame them.

"Until you experience something," he said, "it's one of those things where you have to show me the proof."

*This Article contributed by:
The FABULOUS NINA of WINTERSTEEL ~ Paranormal Extrvaganza

Contact Isaiah Guzman at isaiahguzman@hotmail.com.


Amid Renovations, A History of Negligence Haunts Brookdale Lodge
Sentinel Staff Report

BROOKDALE -- The new owner of the fabled Brookdale Lodge -- where the "River Runs Through It" dining room is still a marvel -- says only time will judge whether he is capable of returning the fatigued $5.3 million landmark to its former splendor by remaking it into a destination spa.

Despite his investment in new roofing and what he described as sustainable decor for the lodge's 46 guest suites, Sanjiv Kakkar has not gotten off on the right foot with county officials and the former owners. During the past month, agents from the health and building departments say they have warned Kakkar about mounting garbage and construction debris, as well as his failure to secure the proper permits for reconstruction.

A Sentinel investigation also uncovered a similar history concerning a hotel Kakkar owns in San Francisco. The San Francisco environmental health agency has recorded at least a dozen uncollected garbage violations stemming from unpaid disposal bills at the Abigail Hotel since Kakkar bought the Tenderloin District property seven years ago. The building inspector has forwarded to code enforcement officials a March 2007 permit violation that hasn't been resolved.

Kakkar said he doesn't believe the ongoing problems with the Abigail should reflect on the work he is undertaking at the Brookdale, which he renamed the Brookdale Inn & Spa after buying it in October from a retired Bay Area police officer who had owned it for 17 years. Santa Cruz County officials said Kakkar has been responsive to the garbage and permitting problems they've documented in the past month, but said they are monitoring the property -- which includes a historically significant 117-year-old original lodge -- to make sure he follows through with his promises.

In the meantime, Kakkar and the former owners agree their one-time congenial relationship has soured amid accusations of unresolved debts and other conflicts related to the transfer of ownership, such as the garbage gaffe, as well as allegations that property belonging to the former owners was stolen by one of Kakkar's workers -- a charge Kakkar denies.

Jennifer Gilbert, daughter of the former owner, Bill Gilbert, said her family has long loved the lodge and feel as though they are "giving up a kid to a bad family."

Letting go of a legacy

The lodge is one of the most well known sites in Santa Cruz County -- certainly a landmark on Highway 9, where local folks still come for dinner and weekend brunch in the famed 1920s-era Brookdale Dining Room, where Clear Creek runs through the middle of the 200-seat eatery. The niece of a former owner drowned in the creek decades ago, and her spirit -- as well as those of dead loggers and gangsters that inhabited the lodge through the years -- are said to haunt the property, where paranormal investigators and psychics still visit to capture ghosts.


Saturday, January 19, 2008


This is probably NOT Paranormal but worth taking a look at nonetheless!!!



I'll try to get it back up and running for you OR find a different one all together for the GHOST CLIP of the week. Weird.

Thursday, January 17, 2008



While retiring to bed this evening I was peacefully reading my book...(Edgar Cayce's readings on Atlantis)...and the bed shaking started up...AGAIN!

I wondered momentarily if it was an earthquake.

This time I grabbed my new digital camera and snapped a few pics. Looks like I may have caputured my *friend*...

I know, I know...I am no fan of ORBS, either.

But the timing, which was literally seconds from my bed shaking, makes this snap worth mentioning...

YOU Decide!

And Keep your cameras and voice recorders close!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008



*Actually, I don't "hunt" ghosts. I communicate with them. Some of the conversations I have initiated, while they have orchestrated others. Ghost Hunting implies something to me that I do not personally identify with.

When I was thinking about this article, it occurred to me just HOW far we have come in the field of parapsychology. I don't consider myself to be old (and yet I shall be 40 this year), but when I was a teenager this was NOT a topic that was discussed...
And I grew up in the very liberal city of Berkeley!
So, now to see the various programs that have come about, books, and overall interest in the paranormal in general is very exciting!

In this *paranormal renaissance* of today, there have been a boom of new paranormal groups popping up weekly! The enthusiasm of folks is refreshing! However, this is not a microwave topic. It takes, in my opinion, many years of both personal experiences, as well as, reading as much about paranormal phenomena as possible.

It's really not a *drag & drop* hobby. And just buying fancy equipment in NO way protects and/or insures that you are indeed ready emotionally and psychologically for the astral realms. I believe it is of vital importance to begin (if you don't already) a strict discipline of Meditation, Contemplation, and Prayer!!! You must be in touch with your own dark side, demons, or shadow so that you will be able to determine that which is coming from within you vs. that which is outside.

In my humble opinion, I believe that DEMONS DO exist.
I say this not to be an alarmist, but rather a realist offering up what I believe to be the Truth.
I realize many of you do not believe this and we can agree to disagree. But due to my strong opinion regarding this matter, I cannot emphasize enough HOW IMPORTANT PRAYER & MEDITATION are!!!! You MUST learn how to psychically protect yourself. (stepping down from soap box).

If the ghostly plane is anything like what I have seen... it is a cold, dark, and sullen place!...
Those inhabiting and/or traversing this realm are often lost or confused. Some, however, in that state of confusion, are content to haunt the world rather than face GOD'S Judgement.

Just as in life, many of these ghosts are very difficult to be around. Murderers, Rapists, etc....
Consider prisoners condemned to death row. It could be argued that there are many within the ghostly planes that have comitted dastardly deeds and are terrified of Hell and/or GOD'S Judgement. Often these souls are so angry, terrified, or confused that they refuse to be with GOD and Judged for their actions on earth. Some are constantly *hiding* from the LIGHT. Both figuratively and literally.

What does all of this mean for the would-be investigator and/or novice???
It means that NO ONE should enter this field willy-nilly. Just as you would study and learn about any academic discipline, so too, should you absorb yourself in as much paranormal literature as you can find. Libraries can be a great resource. So can used bookstores. Online aritcles are great but do not let that be your only form of education (and that's Good Advice in general).

I found for you an article on guidelines for taking ghost photos.

Ghost Photography in Cemeteries
by Dave Oester

*Summary: If you follow the IGHS guidelines you should have a 90% chance of capturing spirit anomalies on film and if you don't than expect only 10% success.

Ghost Photography can be an interesting hobby to personally confirm the existence of ghosts or as the IGHS (International Ghost Hunters Society) suggests, the Spirits of the Dead. Anyone who follows the guidelines outlined below should have a 90% chance of success on their first investigation.

First, choose a cemetery that is old and has some history behind it. It seems that the older cemeteries were placed in locations that the early fathers felt were special and closer to God. These special places may well be locations for portal access ports into the next dimension through which the spirit entities enter our dimension. Sharon and I almost always get several ghost photos with film cameras and dozens of ghost photos with the digital camera each time we investigate a cemetery.

Second, when entering any cemetery you must observe some basic guidelines for successful results. Reverence and respect is the most important guideline you should observe. Speak in low voices when you must communicate and avoid simple chatting. If you go with a small group of investigators, all must observe these guidelines. When you arrive, walk around for the first thirty to forty-five minutes allowing the spirits to get use to you. Then begin taking pictures. Spirits will often follow small groups of people around so focus your mind and project positive thoughts and your desire to capture these life forms on film as proof of life after life existence. Speak in a positive manner, spirits will often listen and comment on what you are saying so take along a tape recorder.

Third, ghosts will not follow you home from the cemetery nor will you be in danger from these spirit entities. Many superstitions suggest that ghosts will follow you home from a cemetery, but I have never found this the case. You should be more concerned about problems from the living than the dead. I can tell you from personal experience that it is easier to investigate an old dark cemetery if other people are with you. This is more psychological than physical. We all feel safer in numbers than alone, not from the spirits from the living who may be near the cemetery, such as drinking teenagers who decided the cemetery would be a good place to avoid the police.

CAMERAS: Any kind will work as long as they have a flash. We have used 35mm, the new APS cameras and finally digital cameras with amazing results. We have posted photos on our website taken with point and shoot 35 mm cameras, 110, 220, digital and with Polaroid's.

DIGITAL CAMERAS: These are very effective in capturing ghostly anomalies and can be viewed immediately after snapping the picture. A digital camera is a good way of alerting others as to where the ghostly anomalies are positioned because you can immediately view the photo and see the orbs or ectoplasm. The digital camera should have a built-in flash. Many people are not familiar with how digital camera will suggest that the digital format may not be as effective as a film camera, but this is not the case.

In my opinion, the digital resolution is not nearly as important as the ability of the camera to shoot in low light conditions that is required for photographs taken in Cemeteries at night. If you are going to post the pictures to the Internet, the monitors can only read 72 or 75 dpi resolution. No need for extremely high resolution unless you desire to enlarge the photograph. The savings in film cost and developing will pay for a digital camera within a year or if you conduct regular investigations, within six months.

Any digital camera will capture paranormal anomalies. Digital cameras should be at least 1.3 meg for resolution. Avoid using cameras with a 640x480 as this resolution is too low. Digital cameras are now inexpensive, so look for a digital camera in the range of 3.3 megs and you will not go wrong.

FILM: We recommend the Kodak 400 Gold and the 200 speed film and the same speed for ASP. However, we have photos posted on our website with all ranges of film speed and brands of film. Remember the specification will vary between different brands of film so if one brand doesn't work well, try a different brand.

TIME: The best time is when the cemetery is getting dark as the darkness highlights the floating orbs when the flash is used. We have tried day shots without success. Some of our best photos have come around midnight while others as early as 8 P.M. depending on the time of year. Remember the lunar cycle plays a major roll in spirit activity. The full and new moon generates large geomagnetic fields as do magnetic storms. This increased magnetic fields often allow the photographer to capture significant anomalies on film.

Be aware that rain, snow, mist, fog or other weather related condition can be the source of anomalies captured on film. Never take pictures when it is raining, snowing, misting or when fog is present. If the temperature is cold and you can exhale your breathe than be aware you might be capturing the breathe on film which resembles fog. If you must investigate during adverse conditions, always hold your breath for a few seconds before snapping a picture and if you capture a fog like substance in your print, disregard it as the chances are it was exhaled breathe.

If your camera has a strap, either remove it or keep it around your neck at all times or your wrist. Never allow it to hang loose. Be sure to keep fingers and hanging hair away from the lens. Remember that a flash will reflect off any surfaces within the twelve foot range of flash. Flash can also bounce so be aware of your surroundings and avoid reflective surfaces. Most flash units are ineffective beyond the nine to fifteen foot distance and the intensity of light will drop off drastically each foot beyond according to the inverse square law rule. A little common sense goes a long ways to prevent natural anomalies from appearing on film.

Take several rolls of film along with you and snap a picture every time you feel or think something might be presence. Plan on using as many rolls of film as you have with you.