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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Star Mountain Studios' Spooky NEW Adventure Game - TAPS

Star Mountain Studios' Spooky NEW
Adventure Game
Author - James Fudge


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Ghosts. Their existence has been a point of contention for centuries, and while scientists and skeptics still disavow that ghosts are real, it is ironic that technology will be the key to unlocking the mystery of it all. Whether ghosts exists or not (that is a contentious subject that is well beyond the scope of this space, believe me), the topic is a perfect fodder for gamers who have no problem suspending disbelief to have an abnormal adventure. So with that in mind, it's easy to see why Star Mountain Studios' latest game, Apparitions, is an interesting adventure for gamer and true believer alike (and for the record, I am the former and not the latter).

While Apparitions may not bear the Ghost Hunters name (which is obviously owned by Sci-Fi Network), it does capture the essence of what TAPS as a group and the show are all about. In the game you take on the role of a lead investigator exploring the depths and heights of an allegedly haunted hotel called the Red Reef Inn. The first thing I noticed is the incredible amount of back story created for this game, delivered as case files and histories in your laptop. The hallmark of any good ghost story (real or imagined) is a laundry list of historical data and personal accounts of sightings. The game does a decent job of delivering that in spades, setting those willing to take the time to read it up for whatever activity is about to happen in the many rooms of the Inn.

The game is served up in classic adventure game style. Each location in the inn is a static 2D picture which you can pan around simply by moving the mouse in any direction (left, right, up or down) - old school adventure gamers will feel at home with this style of play, for sure. As you navigate though each room you'll be using the real world tools that the TAPS team use like an EMF detector, camcorder, voice recorder and temperature gauge. You'll also be able to set up IR cameras remotely, though you won't be able to monitor what they pick up in real-time (that data is pushed directly to the evidence file on your virtual laptop). Whatever anomalies you encounter (or at least the most significant) will be stored in your laptop, which at some point you'll have to sift through and decide if it is real evidence or nonsense.

What's interesting about the game is how much of what you'll encounter would probably be the norm in a real world investigation. These anomalies I speak of are the ones people often mistake for real evidence; for example, you might encounter fluctuating temperatures in one spot, only to find later that there is a door slightly ajar or an open window.. perhaps you'll get a high EMF reading in the basement and find out later that some heavy electrical equipment is in the general vicinity. It is this kind of balance that makes the game fun - it isn't all about floating mists, moving objects and things that can't be explained.

While some might quibble of the graphical presentation and interface of Apparitions, it is pretty easy to understand why Star Mountain built the game the way they did. It is designed to appeal to Ghost Hunter TV viewers, paranormal fans and casual gamers of all ages. In that regard, the game does a good job of keeping things simple, while providing a lot of depth in the actual gameplay. And let's not discount the atmosphere the game provides. If you can get into the game's groove it can deliver some truly startling moments for players as you hear sounds, see shadows and watch as objects appear to move by their own power.

Of course, the goal of the game is to garner the highest score and post it to the leaderboards at the Apparitions site. While that's certainly one of the goals that you may want to accomplish, it ultimately doesn't matter. Apparitions is about taking a fantastic journey and experiencing something that you won't necessarily encounter in every day life - and that's what games are all about.

In the final analysis Apparitions is a fun old school style adventure games that targets its audience with laser beam precision. True believers of the paranormal, skeptics, gamers of all ages and backgrounds and fans of TAPS' popular TV show can all find something appealing in this game. If you consider yourself a member of one of these demographics, then you shouldn't have a problem finding enjoyment within this game.

*Editor's Note:
A demo, as well as the full game can only be found online at

You can learn more about TAPS by visiting

Friday, December 28, 2007



From the point of LIGHT within the MIND of GOD
Let LIGHT stream forth into the minds of man.
Let LIGHT descend on Earth.

From the point of LOVE within the HEART of GOD
Let LOVE stream forth into the hearts of man.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the WILL of GOD is knowm
Let Purpose guide the little wills of man-
The Purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center from which we call the race of man
Let the Plan of LOVE and LIGHT work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let LIGHT , LOVE, and POWER restore the Plan on Earth.

Adapted from Alice A. Bailey

Friday, December 21, 2007


From GhostGadgets.com

Orbs are a very controversial item in the paranormal investigation field. The hard fact is that most, if not all, "orbs" are caused by water droplets, dust, snow, rain, etc...A common misconception about dust orbs is that it is dust actually in the camera or on the lens. This isn't true, in fact, dust orbs are caused by air-born dust particles directly in front of the camera lens. Below is an in-depth article on photographic/video analysis and contamination factors that cause false-positive orbs. Please note that the following applies for any camera with a flash (35mm & digital), and all nightshot video cameras.

True Anomaly - GhostGadgets retains Copyright
Diagram 1

Point "A" represents the camera lens's inverted focal point (the point that an object must be past to be in-focus), and "B" represents the way light travels into the lens. The dust particles that are closer than point "A" will be out-of-focus, and appear as false-positive dust orbs.

Diagram 1 is a representation of how dust in front of the camera lens appears orb-like when a flash is used. "B" represents how light travels through the camera lens, and "A" represents the focal point of the lens, or the point objects need to be past in order to be in focus. As you can see, there are dust particles closer to the lens than point A, therefore the dust will appear out-of-focus, as seen in Diagram 2.

When the flash fires (Diagram 1), light is reflected off the dust, back into the camera lens, causing the dust to be illuminated. Because of the angle of the flash and the camera lens, the closer the flash is to the lens, the more prone it will be to dust orbs. The same applies for using nightshot video cameras, the IR light reflects off the out-of-focus dust, causing them to look like "orbs" or plasmoids.

I want to emphasize the fact that orb-causing dust is floating in the air in front of the camera lens, and is not actually on the lens itself. It seems that many people think that wiping their lens clean before each photo session will solve the dust-orb problem, but this is entirely false. The truth is the dust is in the air, floating close to the camera lens (within about 6 inches normally), and there is no way to solve the problem through lens or site cleaning.

Diagram 2

Point "P" represents the distance the dust particles are away from the camera lens, and "A" again represents the camera lens's inverted focal point (the point that an object must be past to be in-focus).This diagram shows how dust particles become out of focus as they get closer to the camera lens.

Some common characteristics of dust orbs in photographs may be showing some sort of nucleus, elongation around the central axis towards the edges of the photos, a rectangular or octagonal shape, but is not limited to these. Elongation around the central axis towards the edge of the photo is caused by a lens curvature error known as "Coma", cameras with very small lenses and short focal lengths (such as digital cameras) are more prone to coma than other cameras with longer focal length lenses, such as SLR cameras.

Orbs of a rectangular or octagonal shape are caused because of a phenomena that can be defined as:
"When an object with a similar shape as the aperture of the camera lens is brought out-of-focus, the object will begin to take the shape of the aperture".

In other words, if the aperture of the camera is an octagon (the aperture is the hole that opens to let light through the lens), an out-of-focus dust orb will begin to take the shape of an octagon, particularly towards the center of the image. Another common phenomena that is often mistaken for something paranormal is called lens "Flare", and occurs when a bright light source (most often the Sun) reflects off a portion of the lens, and creates "ghost" images (not really ghosts, but internal reflections) of the aperture of the camera. Generally, flare can be ruled out of most photos taken at night, but can be a problem with shooting pictures during the day.

There is nothing paranormal about the dust orb phenomena, it is natural to any camera with a flash and any video with a light source that isn't in front of the camera (ie, infrared light, spotlights). It seems that many groups still consider dust orb photos to be paranormal, because they don't want to take the time to collect REAL anomalous data. What keeps these groups holding on to the dust orb as phenomena is the instant gratification they get by collecting hundreds of so-called "spirit orbs" in a single night of investigating.

The truth is no matter what the environment, there are always air-born particles in the air (except in a vacuum...) that can contaminate your data. You can sometimes even see the flash reflect off the dust particles when a picture is taken. Also, this phenomena isn't just limited to dust, it also applies to rain, water droplets, bugs, etc.

*This is a highly educational website!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007




Aptos, California

This past Christmas Eve my dreams caught up with me...
About 10 years ago, I had a dream about a hotel near the old railroad station, located in the city I lived in (Aptos, CA).

In the dream, I was standing in the foyer of the hotel (located at a busy intersection in the town) and it must have been around the turn of the century judging by what the people I saw were wearing. At the foot of the staircase, stood a haughty woman in her mid-fifties and walking down the hallway was a different, slightly younger woman with her back toward me. Walking quickly out the front door was a man in his mid-fifties with a newspaper under his arm. Lastly, I saw a little boy riding on one of those tricycles with the gigantic front tire outside in front of the hotel.

In the dream the hotel was located across the street of where it stands today...
Even though the dream was vivid and lucid, I dismissed it (to a certain degree) because of inaccuracy. Obviously the hotel was on the wrong side of the street.

Christmas Eve 2006

My family and I were out for Christmas Eve dinner and they had selected this very hotel to dine at. I had never been inside this hotel, only past it. When I stepped into the foyer, I took a deep breath and realized I was now standing in the EXACT SAME foyer as I had in the dream 10 years before.

Suddenly, the bartender rushed over to seat us. As she escorted my family into the dining room, she leaned in and whispered in my ear, "You know this place is haunted, right?"I responded by asking her if she knew about 6 CENTS INVESTIGATIONS and she chuckled and said, " I knew there was a reason I wanted to tell you that! I never usually seat people, it's not my job. But I felt compelled to tell you this place is haunted! You must come back and do an investigation!" She then scurried off into the kitchen.

By this time, my knees were shaking and my teeth chattering so i was happy to except the glass of wine offered to me by the bartender. After a large slurp, I opened my menu and just about choked on the olive i had just popped in my mouth. There on the front of the menu is the hotel's history...
A timeline that indicated the hotel, around the turn of the century was literally dragged 180 feet across the street! I was speechless...still am.

But, the point is to write down dreams you remember....
You never know when your notes may just very well come in handy!

A psychic experience of EMOTIONAL CLAIRVOYANCE happening during sleep; experienced at the Theta level with no rapid eye movement; a very clear, vivid, detailed vision which is easy to recall.cf. SLEEP EXPERIENCES, EOG, DELTA STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, NIGHT LANGUAGE

The Donning International
Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary
June G. Bletzer ~ 1986

Friday, December 14, 2007



Wednesday, December 12, 2007




When I decided to write this article, it was because of my passion for paranormal photography. SO often, I find the debates about what is paranormal or not in a photo to be subjective. And while that is not a bad thing...it leaves much to be desired within the scientific community.

In an attempt to DO just that, have paranormal photography recognized by the scientific community, Jim DeCaro set the bar.
And set it HIGH, he did!
Many of you may not realize, that it is DeCaro himself that coined the term SPIRITOGRAPHY. Recently, I had the honor of interviewing Jim DeCaro, truly a MASTER of SPIRITOGRAPHY...


When did you discover your 1st photo containing something paranormal? What was it? How did you determine it was paranormal in nature?

1999, at first they began appearing in my photographs, then I began to see them appear and disappear, upon examining the photographs; detailed images of human anatomical features were clearly visible (I call that paranormal).

How long have you been taking spirit photos?


When did you coin the term "Spiritography" ?

1999/2000, I had been trying to name my collection for several weeks in order to register with the US Copyright office, it came to me at 3:00 am from a dead sleep.

Do you think being in the company of a medium makes a difference in the manifestation of spirits?

That is my current belief.

Do you believe digital cameras to be the best for capturing paranormal phenomena? Why or why not?

I’m not convinced the type of camera is viable either way. I prefer Digital.

Do you have an opinion on the ORB debate?

Spiritography is far more advanced than (orbs), I don’t even bother to keep them anymore.

What advice do you have for the seasoned photographer, as well as, the novice?

Get a real job (jk). I believe there is a certain level of cooperation between a spirit that wants to materialize and the photographer, learn to listen.

How close are we to having the scientific community's respect?

Based on the results of the analysis of ghost and paranormal photographs as published in the IJP 50th Anniversary Edition (Volume XII, Issue 2, 2001), I would say not very close at all.

How did the Parapsychology Association determine your photos were the "real deal"? When?

This is a question that scares me; I’m not qualified to speak on behalf of the scientific community or the methods involved in determining paranormal/spirit activity from a scientific viewpoint, what scares me is that they got it right, both times... 2001/02 and 2005.



Thursday, December 06, 2007


This particular case was just recently in the news and took place at a gas station in Ohio. It made national headlines and sparked fierce debates about what this blue image really is. Many insist that it is a bug, but so far, no one has proven exactly what it is. The gas sation itself sits on top of a Native American burial ground.

So, what do you think...

Monday, December 03, 2007



In 1977, a family in England made the headlines in both the DAILY MIRROR and the BBC, for POLTERGEIST activity occurring in their home. The INCORPORATED SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH were called into investigate. Members of the society range from "true believers" of the paranormal, to scientists and skeptics.

This clip is a little over 9 miuntes in length and been viewed by over 100,000 people. Some of you may recognize this case once you see it. It has been highlighted as a case of true DEMONIC POSSESSION.
For this particular case, physicists were brought into study the velocity of objects being thown about. Scientists and mediums were also part of the study.

For more information about this case, unexplained faculties of man, and the SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH (SPR):

Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Once they've resolved all their issues here on earth, those in spirit stop reincarnating and move on to a higher plane."
- Jeffrey Wands

Book Review:

A Psychic Explains How Those In The World Of Spirit Continue To Impact Our Lives

Jeffrey Wands introduced us to our own psychic potential in his first book, THE PSYCHIC IN YOU. Now, in ANOTHER DOOR OPENS, Jeffrey literally opens the door and lifts the veil for us to see a glimpse of what he does. As accessable as the first book is, the second book reads as though you are relaxing with Jeffrey having a conversation while meeting for a cup of coffee. Jeffrey balances the fine art of educating us with a sense of playfulness ALL along the way.

If you're willing to part with your personal garbage and open yourself up to filling your life with something that's more rewarding, something that will make you feel more successful as a human being, you can, I promise you, bring it into your life. Remember that on a soul level you are energy, and all energy can be either positive or negative. Simply by releasing the old, negative energy that's been pulling you in the wrong direction, you can start to put forth a new, positive energy that will draw into your life what you want and need like a magnet.

At the end of each chapter of this 206 page book, we are again treated to a powerful synopsis, this time entitled SOUL PRINTS. Chapters include titles like: What the Spirits Have Taught Me About Death; Animals Also Have Souls; Psychological Dreams, Psychic Dreams, and Dream Visits; and When Tragedy Strikes On A Global Scale.

Have you wondered about events like 911 and wondered what happens in the world of spirit when that many souls cross over at the same time? Have you ever been able to resolve what suicide means? And what does Jeffrey think of Angels, Spirit Guides, and Demons?
His answers to these questions will fascinate you!!!
And if you are anything like me when you finish the book...
the burning question you'll likely have is:

Jeffrey just scratches the surface of his depth of knowledge and wisdom gained from working for many years with both the living and those that are in spirit! Some of you may be suprised that Jeffrey works with many therapists in the field of psychology and will not hesitate to suggest counseling if he feels like his client needs it. In fact, rather than suck up someone's money, Jeffrey limits HOW many times clients may see him per year. He does not want to become a crutch, emotionally or spiritually. He wants people to discover the psychic inside.

Ultimately, Jeffrey is directing us to turn inward and seek the answers from within instead of always looking outside of ourselves for validation. It is only when our minds have hushed, that we can finally hear the whisper of our SOUL. Meditation and prayer are the salve for the heartache and pain...

I will conclude by letting Jeffrey tell you in his own words:

The one thought I want to leave you with here is that you have nothing to fear from the world of spirit. On the contrary, allowing yourself to tap into your own spirituality will broaden and enrich your life experience - as it has mine - in ways you may never have imagined.

Visit Jeffrey at: