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I cannot remember life without GHOSTS/SPIRITS... My interest began in the paranormal when I was 2...that's when my mom told me I first started talking about GHOSTS/SPIRITS. I grew up like most of you, learning that one shouldn't talk about the things they can see, hear and feel. Now, after years of ignoring these abilities and senses, I can no longer deny it. The TIME has come...

Thursday, January 31, 2008


As always it is up for YOU to decide but THIS I find a bit FREAKY!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Greetings Ghosties,

I hope your New Year is off to a great start!!!

We saw many changes here, last year at 6 CENTS...
Not the least of which was saying GOODBYE to 3 of our team mates. They were all Japanese college students and have now graduated.
We will miss their, techincal expertise, attention to detail, and overall positive attitude. The team is not the same without them....

But so goes the cycle of life and as they say,
"When 1 door shuts, another opens"...


Drawings of the Dead
So, this year I will be, for the VERY FIRST TIME...
Displaying my drawings and portraits of the spirit world. A glimpse of what I see when Spirits/Ghosts come to me. This first portrait I drew...Almost 20 years ago.

YouTube Ghost Clip of the Week
Every week I will bring you a new, short ghost clip from YouTube. There are a number of ghost clips that I look at every week... Most of which appear to be faked or mishaps.
I try to bring you clips that really make you think.

The same goes for EVP's. These are a little harder to come by. This is because it's VERY EASY to fake. Without visual evidence, the EVP has to be quite compelling. I generally like to look at Paranormal Investigators EVP's.

I will have Surveys each week that you can participate in regarding these various clips....
Let us know what YOU THINK!

I will continue my interviews with various folks in the paranormal field and will try to bring you a wide variety of Guests...Some famous, some brand new.

Site Reviews
Do YOU have a really cool Paranormal site?
Want your site promoted?
Email me and we will see about showcasing your site and/or group.

More Book Reviews
Jeffrey WANDS' books were fantastic! I plan to bring you more of the same kind of quality reviews from a variety of paranormal topics and authors. Subjects will include: Edgar Cayce; Atlantis; Remote Viewing; History of the Ouija Board; Demonology...and much more!

Submissions & Artwork
PLEASE don't be SHY!!!
Have you always wanted to share your paranormal poetry, art, photos, and/or stories???
Well here's your shot....
I say GO FOR IT!!!

Her name is Sylvia.
I have NEVER been able to get her eyes out of my mind, they were so haunting.
She came to me about 20 years ago.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Behind the scenes with PRS

These INCREDIBLE creations come from:


When did you start making computer animations?

When I was 9 years old, using drag-and-drop doll makers and recoloring the clothes. I started making my own soon after, and after ten years of work, I'm actually starting to feel comfortable with the quality.

Why do you like PRS?



Actually, I can identify with alot of the things Ryan does, and what he's been through. It inspires me to be able to say it's okay that I've gone though alot of the things I've dealt with, and it's even more okay for me to talk about it with others.

Scariest Paranormal Moment ?

That would be the demon/evil spirit that has haunted me all my life, brought on by the abuse I was under all my life. He still haunts me to this day, and has attacked my legs, causing the nerves to degrade enough that I'm having to schedule surgery. Only recently did people begin to believe me about this, as the paranormal team I'm on caught a figure on various forms of equipment, looking like he was physically attacking me, even though I was just sitting there quietly. That's the scariest thing I've dealt with - being physically attacked by it.

Friday, January 25, 2008


on Stairs...
Hmmmm, what do YOU think???
Just Dust?

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Sentinel correspondent

If somebody started looting your house, you'd be upset too, right?

That's how paranormal investigator Erich Breger says the spirits at Brookdale Lodge, now renamed Brookdale Inn & Spa, have been feeling lately. Breger, the lead investigator with California Paranormal Investigations, took his team to the famed Santa Cruz Mountains resort late Thursday night to see if they could draw the local haunt's haunters out from the shadows and find out why all the ruckus.

Brookdale employees, particularly the cooks, have said they've seen increased paranormal activity since the previous owners sold the business and began taking with them old furniture, clippings and memorabilia.

"I think why it's happening is there is definitely a defiling that's going on here," said Breger, a Boulder Creek man with an intense stare, raspy voice, suit and black trench coat.

Brookdale Inn & Spa has long been thought to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl -- among others -- who drowned in the creek that runs through the dining area. During the 1940s and '50s gangsters made the lodge their home, and some legends say they buried bodies under the floor.

Opened in 1870, the lodge has been featured on "Ripley's Believe It or Not" and has hosted notables such as Marilyn Monroe and President Herbert Hoover.

In recent weeks, there have been reports of shadowy figures. Employees in the kitchen have reported hearing bangs. Chef Juan Diaz said he and a cook saw a pot do a full rotation while sitting on the burner about two months ago.

"It was all full of water so it was heavy," said Diaz in Spanish. "And we saw it spin around like somebody was moving it."

Then there was the incident this summer with the swinging doors to the kitchen, said Diaz.

"They opened like somebody was coming in but there was nobody there," he said. "Then they opened again like somebody was leaving."

Bartender Jonelle Badger, who has worked at Brookdale Inn & Spa for a year, says she's only heard stories of strange occurrences from her co-workers.

"I've never had an experience here that would lead me to believe there was a ghost," she said.

But Breger, the fleet manager at Ocean Honda when he's not tracking spirits, said his team thinks something was definitely going on Thursday night. His fellow investigators include Ed Hayes, Ronaldo Williams and Shelly Crowley, all of Brookdale and Boulder Creek. The four walked the different levels of the lodge Thursday night with equipment such as an EVP [Electronic Voice Phenomenon] monitor, EMF [Electro Magnetic Field] monitor, infrared cameras and a Ouija board. Breger said he and his team will review their evidence in more detail tonight.

"Based on what we've gathered so far there is definitely something going on there," he said.

Breger said he's never been scared of anything he's experienced in 15 years of pursuit. He also takes his team out to wrecking yards to look for spirits involved in fatal vehicle accidents.

"It's a totally untapped resource," he said.

As for skeptics of paranormal activity and investigation, Breger said he doesn't blame them.

"Until you experience something," he said, "it's one of those things where you have to show me the proof."

*This Article contributed by:
The FABULOUS NINA of WINTERSTEEL ~ Paranormal Extrvaganza

Contact Isaiah Guzman at isaiahguzman@hotmail.com.


Amid Renovations, A History of Negligence Haunts Brookdale Lodge
Sentinel Staff Report

BROOKDALE -- The new owner of the fabled Brookdale Lodge -- where the "River Runs Through It" dining room is still a marvel -- says only time will judge whether he is capable of returning the fatigued $5.3 million landmark to its former splendor by remaking it into a destination spa.

Despite his investment in new roofing and what he described as sustainable decor for the lodge's 46 guest suites, Sanjiv Kakkar has not gotten off on the right foot with county officials and the former owners. During the past month, agents from the health and building departments say they have warned Kakkar about mounting garbage and construction debris, as well as his failure to secure the proper permits for reconstruction.

A Sentinel investigation also uncovered a similar history concerning a hotel Kakkar owns in San Francisco. The San Francisco environmental health agency has recorded at least a dozen uncollected garbage violations stemming from unpaid disposal bills at the Abigail Hotel since Kakkar bought the Tenderloin District property seven years ago. The building inspector has forwarded to code enforcement officials a March 2007 permit violation that hasn't been resolved.

Kakkar said he doesn't believe the ongoing problems with the Abigail should reflect on the work he is undertaking at the Brookdale, which he renamed the Brookdale Inn & Spa after buying it in October from a retired Bay Area police officer who had owned it for 17 years. Santa Cruz County officials said Kakkar has been responsive to the garbage and permitting problems they've documented in the past month, but said they are monitoring the property -- which includes a historically significant 117-year-old original lodge -- to make sure he follows through with his promises.

In the meantime, Kakkar and the former owners agree their one-time congenial relationship has soured amid accusations of unresolved debts and other conflicts related to the transfer of ownership, such as the garbage gaffe, as well as allegations that property belonging to the former owners was stolen by one of Kakkar's workers -- a charge Kakkar denies.

Jennifer Gilbert, daughter of the former owner, Bill Gilbert, said her family has long loved the lodge and feel as though they are "giving up a kid to a bad family."

Letting go of a legacy

The lodge is one of the most well known sites in Santa Cruz County -- certainly a landmark on Highway 9, where local folks still come for dinner and weekend brunch in the famed 1920s-era Brookdale Dining Room, where Clear Creek runs through the middle of the 200-seat eatery. The niece of a former owner drowned in the creek decades ago, and her spirit -- as well as those of dead loggers and gangsters that inhabited the lodge through the years -- are said to haunt the property, where paranormal investigators and psychics still visit to capture ghosts.


Saturday, January 19, 2008


This is probably NOT Paranormal but worth taking a look at nonetheless!!!



I'll try to get it back up and running for you OR find a different one all together for the GHOST CLIP of the week. Weird.

Thursday, January 17, 2008



While retiring to bed this evening I was peacefully reading my book...(Edgar Cayce's readings on Atlantis)...and the bed shaking started up...AGAIN!

I wondered momentarily if it was an earthquake.

This time I grabbed my new digital camera and snapped a few pics. Looks like I may have caputured my *friend*...

I know, I know...I am no fan of ORBS, either.

But the timing, which was literally seconds from my bed shaking, makes this snap worth mentioning...

YOU Decide!

And Keep your cameras and voice recorders close!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008



*Actually, I don't "hunt" ghosts. I communicate with them. Some of the conversations I have initiated, while they have orchestrated others. Ghost Hunting implies something to me that I do not personally identify with.

When I was thinking about this article, it occurred to me just HOW far we have come in the field of parapsychology. I don't consider myself to be old (and yet I shall be 40 this year), but when I was a teenager this was NOT a topic that was discussed...
And I grew up in the very liberal city of Berkeley!
So, now to see the various programs that have come about, books, and overall interest in the paranormal in general is very exciting!

In this *paranormal renaissance* of today, there have been a boom of new paranormal groups popping up weekly! The enthusiasm of folks is refreshing! However, this is not a microwave topic. It takes, in my opinion, many years of both personal experiences, as well as, reading as much about paranormal phenomena as possible.

It's really not a *drag & drop* hobby. And just buying fancy equipment in NO way protects and/or insures that you are indeed ready emotionally and psychologically for the astral realms. I believe it is of vital importance to begin (if you don't already) a strict discipline of Meditation, Contemplation, and Prayer!!! You must be in touch with your own dark side, demons, or shadow so that you will be able to determine that which is coming from within you vs. that which is outside.

In my humble opinion, I believe that DEMONS DO exist.
I say this not to be an alarmist, but rather a realist offering up what I believe to be the Truth.
I realize many of you do not believe this and we can agree to disagree. But due to my strong opinion regarding this matter, I cannot emphasize enough HOW IMPORTANT PRAYER & MEDITATION are!!!! You MUST learn how to psychically protect yourself. (stepping down from soap box).

If the ghostly plane is anything like what I have seen... it is a cold, dark, and sullen place!...
Those inhabiting and/or traversing this realm are often lost or confused. Some, however, in that state of confusion, are content to haunt the world rather than face GOD'S Judgement.

Just as in life, many of these ghosts are very difficult to be around. Murderers, Rapists, etc....
Consider prisoners condemned to death row. It could be argued that there are many within the ghostly planes that have comitted dastardly deeds and are terrified of Hell and/or GOD'S Judgement. Often these souls are so angry, terrified, or confused that they refuse to be with GOD and Judged for their actions on earth. Some are constantly *hiding* from the LIGHT. Both figuratively and literally.

What does all of this mean for the would-be investigator and/or novice???
It means that NO ONE should enter this field willy-nilly. Just as you would study and learn about any academic discipline, so too, should you absorb yourself in as much paranormal literature as you can find. Libraries can be a great resource. So can used bookstores. Online aritcles are great but do not let that be your only form of education (and that's Good Advice in general).

I found for you an article on guidelines for taking ghost photos.

Ghost Photography in Cemeteries
by Dave Oester

*Summary: If you follow the IGHS guidelines you should have a 90% chance of capturing spirit anomalies on film and if you don't than expect only 10% success.

Ghost Photography can be an interesting hobby to personally confirm the existence of ghosts or as the IGHS (International Ghost Hunters Society) suggests, the Spirits of the Dead. Anyone who follows the guidelines outlined below should have a 90% chance of success on their first investigation.

First, choose a cemetery that is old and has some history behind it. It seems that the older cemeteries were placed in locations that the early fathers felt were special and closer to God. These special places may well be locations for portal access ports into the next dimension through which the spirit entities enter our dimension. Sharon and I almost always get several ghost photos with film cameras and dozens of ghost photos with the digital camera each time we investigate a cemetery.

Second, when entering any cemetery you must observe some basic guidelines for successful results. Reverence and respect is the most important guideline you should observe. Speak in low voices when you must communicate and avoid simple chatting. If you go with a small group of investigators, all must observe these guidelines. When you arrive, walk around for the first thirty to forty-five minutes allowing the spirits to get use to you. Then begin taking pictures. Spirits will often follow small groups of people around so focus your mind and project positive thoughts and your desire to capture these life forms on film as proof of life after life existence. Speak in a positive manner, spirits will often listen and comment on what you are saying so take along a tape recorder.

Third, ghosts will not follow you home from the cemetery nor will you be in danger from these spirit entities. Many superstitions suggest that ghosts will follow you home from a cemetery, but I have never found this the case. You should be more concerned about problems from the living than the dead. I can tell you from personal experience that it is easier to investigate an old dark cemetery if other people are with you. This is more psychological than physical. We all feel safer in numbers than alone, not from the spirits from the living who may be near the cemetery, such as drinking teenagers who decided the cemetery would be a good place to avoid the police.

CAMERAS: Any kind will work as long as they have a flash. We have used 35mm, the new APS cameras and finally digital cameras with amazing results. We have posted photos on our website taken with point and shoot 35 mm cameras, 110, 220, digital and with Polaroid's.

DIGITAL CAMERAS: These are very effective in capturing ghostly anomalies and can be viewed immediately after snapping the picture. A digital camera is a good way of alerting others as to where the ghostly anomalies are positioned because you can immediately view the photo and see the orbs or ectoplasm. The digital camera should have a built-in flash. Many people are not familiar with how digital camera will suggest that the digital format may not be as effective as a film camera, but this is not the case.

In my opinion, the digital resolution is not nearly as important as the ability of the camera to shoot in low light conditions that is required for photographs taken in Cemeteries at night. If you are going to post the pictures to the Internet, the monitors can only read 72 or 75 dpi resolution. No need for extremely high resolution unless you desire to enlarge the photograph. The savings in film cost and developing will pay for a digital camera within a year or if you conduct regular investigations, within six months.

Any digital camera will capture paranormal anomalies. Digital cameras should be at least 1.3 meg for resolution. Avoid using cameras with a 640x480 as this resolution is too low. Digital cameras are now inexpensive, so look for a digital camera in the range of 3.3 megs and you will not go wrong.

FILM: We recommend the Kodak 400 Gold and the 200 speed film and the same speed for ASP. However, we have photos posted on our website with all ranges of film speed and brands of film. Remember the specification will vary between different brands of film so if one brand doesn't work well, try a different brand.

TIME: The best time is when the cemetery is getting dark as the darkness highlights the floating orbs when the flash is used. We have tried day shots without success. Some of our best photos have come around midnight while others as early as 8 P.M. depending on the time of year. Remember the lunar cycle plays a major roll in spirit activity. The full and new moon generates large geomagnetic fields as do magnetic storms. This increased magnetic fields often allow the photographer to capture significant anomalies on film.

Be aware that rain, snow, mist, fog or other weather related condition can be the source of anomalies captured on film. Never take pictures when it is raining, snowing, misting or when fog is present. If the temperature is cold and you can exhale your breathe than be aware you might be capturing the breathe on film which resembles fog. If you must investigate during adverse conditions, always hold your breath for a few seconds before snapping a picture and if you capture a fog like substance in your print, disregard it as the chances are it was exhaled breathe.

If your camera has a strap, either remove it or keep it around your neck at all times or your wrist. Never allow it to hang loose. Be sure to keep fingers and hanging hair away from the lens. Remember that a flash will reflect off any surfaces within the twelve foot range of flash. Flash can also bounce so be aware of your surroundings and avoid reflective surfaces. Most flash units are ineffective beyond the nine to fifteen foot distance and the intensity of light will drop off drastically each foot beyond according to the inverse square law rule. A little common sense goes a long ways to prevent natural anomalies from appearing on film.

Take several rolls of film along with you and snap a picture every time you feel or think something might be presence. Plan on using as many rolls of film as you have with you.


Friday, January 11, 2008



Taken by me at Evergreen Cemetery (one of the oldest in California) in front of a headstone.Digital, 68 Degree temp., NO Flash, Day Light. © 6CENTS

This is an article by spirit photography master, Jim DeCaro!
I was tickled to find this and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did


© Jim DeCaro

What is Spirit Photography?
Simply stated, spirit photography is the capturing of unexplained natural or supernatural images using a camera and film. What takes place between photographer and subject is a form of electronic spirit communication. The link between electro-magnetic energies and machines is becoming clearer to those who look to communicate with energies identified as spirits. There really is no scientific explanation as to what it is I'm communicating with, nor do I attempt to make one. I have heard several possible explanations of why these images appear on film and at the same time are not visible to the naked eye. I prefer not to lose myself in the "scientific" exploration of why; instead I choose to explore the "spiritual" aspect of why.

History of Spirit Photography
In 1839, the first publicly available camera, or "Daguerreotype," was introduced to the world. This cutting-edge invention could actually capture what the eye saw and reproduce it on a plate. The new invention was an instant success, and people around the world were scrambling to get one.Spirit photography got its start about two decades later when in 1861 Boston-based photographer William H. Mumler took a picture of himself and "discovered" a ghost had appeared in the photo with him. Mumler began charging his customers for a séance/photography session and was making quite a bit of money in doing so. He was later exposed in the courts in 1872 as being a fake. Early cameras required the subject to sit motionless for periods of 60 seconds or more while the camera shutter remained open. During this time, the photographer's assistant, dressed in a flowing robe or cloak, could sneak into the scene behind the subject for ten or 20 seconds and then leave. When the picture was developed, a semi-transparent apparition would appear.

My Beginnings in Spirit Photography
I have had several supernatural experiences in my life that gave me the creeps. I saw my first ghost when I was around 17 years old and the experience really freaked me out--there was a man's face floating in the corner of the ceiling. The entity was twice as large as a normal face and glowing white, almost phosphorous. I had a few other experiences, such as hearing the occasional voice from nowhere, but there were no other visual sightings until I started taking photos for purposes of spirit contact.

In the spring of 1999, my friend Jeffrey Wands, who is an extremely talented psychic and the host of the "Higher Minds" radio show on WLIR, was insistent that I take my camera to a cemetery and begin taking photographs. Being the classic procrastinator that I am, it wasn't until June of that year that I took a late-night venture to a local graveyard. Camera in hand, I drove about ten miles to a local cemetery that was reported to be haunted. Total time on site was about 15 minutes--longer than I expected, since there is an ordinance throughout Connecticut prohibiting entrance into cemeteries after dark.

I took about two dozen pictures with my digital camera and drove home to view them on the television (digital cameras are great for that). I was not really expecting to see anything other than some headstones, but as I began to scroll through the pictures, I made a discovery. Around the ninth or tenth picture, I saw a glowing, circular, three-dimensional object positioned about two or three feet above the headstones. My heart jumped a little as I realized what this could be. I was now racing through the remaining pictures to see if there might be others.

After scrolling through the remaining pictures, I realized there were several that required closer examination. The two dozen or so photographs had produced several of these unusual objects. I quickly downloaded the digital images to my computer in order to examine them on my 21-inch high-resolution monitor. Not knowing what to look for, I was now examining every picture for anything that seemed out of place. At least five or six of the pictures contained more glowing objects. My first expedition produced results far greater than my furthest expectations. Although I couldn't actually determine what the glowing images in my photos were, they were definitely there.
I gathered together the pictures with the objects and e-mailed them to Jeffrey Wands. Even though this is a man who sees and talks to spirits every day, I had no doubt he would be as excited as I was to see the images.

After Jeffrey had gone through the photographs, I sat through the "I told you so" speech. He was able to quickly discern what the images were in the photographs and identified the objects as spirits. More than that, they were the spirits of several children, and they were playing when I took the picture. Having known Jeffrey for several years, I know he is a truly gifted psychic--I had no doubt they were the spirits of children.

Later that same morning I returned to the cemetery. Using the pictures, I was able to find the exact spot where I was standing the night before. I began to walk amongst the graves where the objects had appeared in the pictures. I read the headstones and found that within a twenty-foot radius there were graves for no less than six children under the age of ten. I remember my excitement giving way to an odd feeling of sadness when the reality hit me. They are spirits, they are children, and they are right here--there were more graves of children than a person would want to see.

Spirits have made themselves known to me in a variety of ways. Their ability to become physical is truly amazing. Spirits can move objects, ring doorbells, open or close doors, and manifest a physical appearance. They can also make audible sounds. I have heard them walking, whistling, howling, and calling my name. Imagine standing alone in the middle of a field at 2:00 AM and hearing a voice call your name. Then take your camera, snap a picture, and see a large cloud of wispy smoke at arm's length in front of you.

The ectoplasmic mist shows the outline of the upper-torso of a spirit.
© Jim DeCaro

If my experiences were phenomenal before, they were mind-blowing now. It wasn't long after this that my perception began to change. I was more aware of the things happening around me, both day and night. I believe the spirits were allowing me to sense them for what they were, or rather how I thought they were. And I can't actually say they were controlling the camera, but on numerous occasions, wherever the camera was pointing there was an appearance of some sort. To me this shows an uncanny intelligence on their part. So much so that I can't even attempt to render an explanation of how they do it. But they do.

Getting Started
Initially, you should seek to learn and understand your instruments and environment. In my opinion, smoke from a cigarette does not resemble perespirit, ectoplasm, psychic mist or a spirit apparition at all--for your own peace of mind, attempt comparative shots to see the differences for yourself. There is also a distinct difference in fog density that you learn from experience. If you capture a spirit in the shape of a recognizable figure, that pretty much puts the sun spot theory to rest. I have never seen fog or cigarette smoke take the form of a human being or an animal. But I have taken photographs that show forms of humans and animals whose origin I cannot honestly explain. In my opinion, they are a form of spirit energy.

The best place to start taking spirit photos is a cemetery. But once you are comfortable with what you are doing, you can shoot almost anywhere. You really need to be tuned into what you are trying to accomplish and why you are doing it. I am not psychic, but I try to be aware of my environment.
I prefer to use a digital camera because I don't want to wait for film processing. I use two Olympus c2000 cameras set to AS400 film speed. And 99% of my pictures are taken at night, so I use a flash. No special lenses or shutter speeds-just stock equipment.

Spirit photography is an aided type of mediumship--that of using the camera to communicate with spirits, or rather, using the camera to let spirits communicate with you. When, how, or why the spirits choose to appear or make contact is of their doing.

Experience and intuition eventually become a major part of spirit photography. You will not only begin to recognize what you have captured on film as spiritual in nature, but you will sense the presence of the spirits around you at the time you take the picture.

This craft can also have its pitfalls--by opening or attempting to open a communicative path to the spirits, you are exposing yourself to a powerful force of nature. There are spirits who do not possess the best of intentions, and those malevolent spirits may take pleasure in causing psychological harm to a person. This intention may not always be deliberate but rather the by-product of a suffering or angry spirit. In order to protect yourself from such malevolence, you first have to identify the spirit's intentions. Your feelings and intuition are everything when it comes to identifying the good from the bad spirits.
Don't perform spirit photography in a group--it's not a group exercise. Though you can obtain results with numerous persons on site during a shooting session, I believe the individual should exercise restraint from doing so. Spirits can feel the vibrations of those people involved and you would not want to be held accountable for the intentions of someone other than yourself. As I have stated, I approach this as a form of spirit communication, and as such, any successes and/or failures become a learning process for further communicative advancement. To me, this is a very personal process.

Don't try using magic or evocations. Spirit photography should be a natural occurrence. Although certain rituals can be used to conjure spirits, there is a certain satisfaction and fulfillment gained from a natural approach. For me, my religious background plays a part in my decision not to conjure. On the other hand, a totally natural approach is something that has been given and not taken. This addresses my moral concerns to any form of spirit communication.

Try to bring more than one camera. If you start getting activity, you'll need to shoot quickly because spirits move very fast. Save the negatives or digital film cartridges. If you happen to capture some amazingly incredible shots, you may someday need to produce the originals for authentication. Better to have than to have not.

Make every effort to ensure that no other common anomaly is impairing your shot. Behave in a respectful manner and do not attempt to dare, provoke, or intimidate a spirit. Your intentions will be felt by the spirit and returned accordingly.


Friday, January 04, 2008



(C) Jim DeCaro
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MEDIUMS: WE SEE DEAD PEOPLE Saturday January 5th (1:00 pm EST) on A&E

Mediums: We See Dead People
Also, *Jeffrey Wands and *Jim DeCaro will be appearing this Saturday January 5th (1:00 pm EST) on the A&E network as they re-air the popular television documentary.

*Jim DeCaro - Check out my interview with this "SPIRITOGRAPHY" Master.
*Jeffrey Wands - Check out my 2 Book Reviews for Jeffrey's books THE PSYCHIC IN YOU & ANOTHER DOOR OPENS.


Tune in to ABC television as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition goes Paranormal on Sunday, January 6, 2008. In a setting straight out of a Stephen King novel, Psychic Jeffrey Wands is called in to clear spirits who haunt the home of the Ray Smith family in Millsbridge, Maine. Check local listings for time and channel in your area.

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