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I cannot remember life without GHOSTS/SPIRITS... My interest began in the paranormal when I was 2...that's when my mom told me I first started talking about GHOSTS/SPIRITS. I grew up like most of you, learning that one shouldn't talk about the things they can see, hear and feel. Now, after years of ignoring these abilities and senses, I can no longer deny it. The TIME has come...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008



*Actually, I don't "hunt" ghosts. I communicate with them. Some of the conversations I have initiated, while they have orchestrated others. Ghost Hunting implies something to me that I do not personally identify with.

When I was thinking about this article, it occurred to me just HOW far we have come in the field of parapsychology. I don't consider myself to be old (and yet I shall be 40 this year), but when I was a teenager this was NOT a topic that was discussed...
And I grew up in the very liberal city of Berkeley!
So, now to see the various programs that have come about, books, and overall interest in the paranormal in general is very exciting!

In this *paranormal renaissance* of today, there have been a boom of new paranormal groups popping up weekly! The enthusiasm of folks is refreshing! However, this is not a microwave topic. It takes, in my opinion, many years of both personal experiences, as well as, reading as much about paranormal phenomena as possible.

It's really not a *drag & drop* hobby. And just buying fancy equipment in NO way protects and/or insures that you are indeed ready emotionally and psychologically for the astral realms. I believe it is of vital importance to begin (if you don't already) a strict discipline of Meditation, Contemplation, and Prayer!!! You must be in touch with your own dark side, demons, or shadow so that you will be able to determine that which is coming from within you vs. that which is outside.

In my humble opinion, I believe that DEMONS DO exist.
I say this not to be an alarmist, but rather a realist offering up what I believe to be the Truth.
I realize many of you do not believe this and we can agree to disagree. But due to my strong opinion regarding this matter, I cannot emphasize enough HOW IMPORTANT PRAYER & MEDITATION are!!!! You MUST learn how to psychically protect yourself. (stepping down from soap box).

If the ghostly plane is anything like what I have seen... it is a cold, dark, and sullen place!...
Those inhabiting and/or traversing this realm are often lost or confused. Some, however, in that state of confusion, are content to haunt the world rather than face GOD'S Judgement.

Just as in life, many of these ghosts are very difficult to be around. Murderers, Rapists, etc....
Consider prisoners condemned to death row. It could be argued that there are many within the ghostly planes that have comitted dastardly deeds and are terrified of Hell and/or GOD'S Judgement. Often these souls are so angry, terrified, or confused that they refuse to be with GOD and Judged for their actions on earth. Some are constantly *hiding* from the LIGHT. Both figuratively and literally.

What does all of this mean for the would-be investigator and/or novice???
It means that NO ONE should enter this field willy-nilly. Just as you would study and learn about any academic discipline, so too, should you absorb yourself in as much paranormal literature as you can find. Libraries can be a great resource. So can used bookstores. Online aritcles are great but do not let that be your only form of education (and that's Good Advice in general).

I found for you an article on guidelines for taking ghost photos.

Ghost Photography in Cemeteries
by Dave Oester

*Summary: If you follow the IGHS guidelines you should have a 90% chance of capturing spirit anomalies on film and if you don't than expect only 10% success.

Ghost Photography can be an interesting hobby to personally confirm the existence of ghosts or as the IGHS (International Ghost Hunters Society) suggests, the Spirits of the Dead. Anyone who follows the guidelines outlined below should have a 90% chance of success on their first investigation.

First, choose a cemetery that is old and has some history behind it. It seems that the older cemeteries were placed in locations that the early fathers felt were special and closer to God. These special places may well be locations for portal access ports into the next dimension through which the spirit entities enter our dimension. Sharon and I almost always get several ghost photos with film cameras and dozens of ghost photos with the digital camera each time we investigate a cemetery.

Second, when entering any cemetery you must observe some basic guidelines for successful results. Reverence and respect is the most important guideline you should observe. Speak in low voices when you must communicate and avoid simple chatting. If you go with a small group of investigators, all must observe these guidelines. When you arrive, walk around for the first thirty to forty-five minutes allowing the spirits to get use to you. Then begin taking pictures. Spirits will often follow small groups of people around so focus your mind and project positive thoughts and your desire to capture these life forms on film as proof of life after life existence. Speak in a positive manner, spirits will often listen and comment on what you are saying so take along a tape recorder.

Third, ghosts will not follow you home from the cemetery nor will you be in danger from these spirit entities. Many superstitions suggest that ghosts will follow you home from a cemetery, but I have never found this the case. You should be more concerned about problems from the living than the dead. I can tell you from personal experience that it is easier to investigate an old dark cemetery if other people are with you. This is more psychological than physical. We all feel safer in numbers than alone, not from the spirits from the living who may be near the cemetery, such as drinking teenagers who decided the cemetery would be a good place to avoid the police.

CAMERAS: Any kind will work as long as they have a flash. We have used 35mm, the new APS cameras and finally digital cameras with amazing results. We have posted photos on our website taken with point and shoot 35 mm cameras, 110, 220, digital and with Polaroid's.

DIGITAL CAMERAS: These are very effective in capturing ghostly anomalies and can be viewed immediately after snapping the picture. A digital camera is a good way of alerting others as to where the ghostly anomalies are positioned because you can immediately view the photo and see the orbs or ectoplasm. The digital camera should have a built-in flash. Many people are not familiar with how digital camera will suggest that the digital format may not be as effective as a film camera, but this is not the case.

In my opinion, the digital resolution is not nearly as important as the ability of the camera to shoot in low light conditions that is required for photographs taken in Cemeteries at night. If you are going to post the pictures to the Internet, the monitors can only read 72 or 75 dpi resolution. No need for extremely high resolution unless you desire to enlarge the photograph. The savings in film cost and developing will pay for a digital camera within a year or if you conduct regular investigations, within six months.

Any digital camera will capture paranormal anomalies. Digital cameras should be at least 1.3 meg for resolution. Avoid using cameras with a 640x480 as this resolution is too low. Digital cameras are now inexpensive, so look for a digital camera in the range of 3.3 megs and you will not go wrong.

FILM: We recommend the Kodak 400 Gold and the 200 speed film and the same speed for ASP. However, we have photos posted on our website with all ranges of film speed and brands of film. Remember the specification will vary between different brands of film so if one brand doesn't work well, try a different brand.

TIME: The best time is when the cemetery is getting dark as the darkness highlights the floating orbs when the flash is used. We have tried day shots without success. Some of our best photos have come around midnight while others as early as 8 P.M. depending on the time of year. Remember the lunar cycle plays a major roll in spirit activity. The full and new moon generates large geomagnetic fields as do magnetic storms. This increased magnetic fields often allow the photographer to capture significant anomalies on film.

Be aware that rain, snow, mist, fog or other weather related condition can be the source of anomalies captured on film. Never take pictures when it is raining, snowing, misting or when fog is present. If the temperature is cold and you can exhale your breathe than be aware you might be capturing the breathe on film which resembles fog. If you must investigate during adverse conditions, always hold your breath for a few seconds before snapping a picture and if you capture a fog like substance in your print, disregard it as the chances are it was exhaled breathe.

If your camera has a strap, either remove it or keep it around your neck at all times or your wrist. Never allow it to hang loose. Be sure to keep fingers and hanging hair away from the lens. Remember that a flash will reflect off any surfaces within the twelve foot range of flash. Flash can also bounce so be aware of your surroundings and avoid reflective surfaces. Most flash units are ineffective beyond the nine to fifteen foot distance and the intensity of light will drop off drastically each foot beyond according to the inverse square law rule. A little common sense goes a long ways to prevent natural anomalies from appearing on film.

Take several rolls of film along with you and snap a picture every time you feel or think something might be presence. Plan on using as many rolls of film as you have with you.


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