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I cannot remember life without GHOSTS/SPIRITS... My interest began in the paranormal when I was 2...that's when my mom told me I first started talking about GHOSTS/SPIRITS. I grew up like most of you, learning that one shouldn't talk about the things they can see, hear and feel. Now, after years of ignoring these abilities and senses, I can no longer deny it. The TIME has come...

Friday, January 26, 2007

CAUTION...Update from Evergreen Cemetery

Greetings Ghosties!

I am updating you with IMPORTANT
information regarding EVERGREEN CEMETERY...

A woman was attacked a few days ago in the park adjacent to the cemtery (Harvey West Park). I strongly advise that this site is not SAFE at the present time. As soon as we have more info. we will POST it. But until then, PLEASE hold off any investigations you might have had planned.

~Rose & 6 CENTS

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