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Monday, July 16, 2007

SIN ~ Franz von Stuck

"Spiritual force is stronger than material force; thoughts rule the world."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The haunted house I grew up in for 17 years of my life, as I have alluded to in other posts, seems relevant now since we are discussing DEMONS, experiences, & the GROWL in my ear!I moved there (Berkeley, CA) when I was 5 and from the moment I went downstairs I felt frozen from fear. It wasn't some dingy old basement. Rather, it had been converted into a mini apartment. But, from the time I was 5, I was petrified of being down there. The feeling never went away . Not even when I shut the door for the last time at the age of 22.

As a graduation gift from high school my parents completely renovated the downstairs for me. All the while I grumbled about being too scared to live down there. My family assured me I had an over-active imagination and that I would come to love it. I never did.

For reasons unknown or undiscovered...That house was a very potent PORTAL for other Spirit Beings to manifest...Like it was a supernatural bus stop or something.I saw children there as little as about 3-4, deceased realtives of my friends, beings I didn't recognize, shadows, demons, and even an image of myself from a past life in a mirror.

I believe it was a neutral portal that allowed in ALL astrals,be they nice or mean, through ... a non-discriminating portal if you will.

Nevertheless, there was 1 constant oppressive energy that pervaded the house. Any new friend that I would bring over would always mention something about the spooky feeling my house had.And it was always SO cold! It could be the middle of summer and it would be SO cold.

The eyes I felt on me there were stifling.It was like someone that wanted to harm you was standing right behind me ALL the time.I was convinced there had been a rape and murder in that home and looking back, I wonder if that's who's oppressive energy I was indeed feeling.

It was so bad that at night, I became SO frightened of what I would see upon washing my face at night , that I quit ALL together. Mirrors being the portal that they are, it's NO wonder why I was freaked out.

There was 1 photo shot 20 years ago that seems to contain a white arc in that home.
White arcs are fairly rare to catch on film, however, a famous case that was made into a movie contained a full white arc photo. That film was, THE ENTITY, and the case is one of the most famous in paranormal research history.
Supposedly, a single mom was being viscously beaten & raped by an unseen Being.Interesting that I felt the presence so strongly of rape & murder in my home...
Assuming the red on the left side of photo is a common film flaw,the good folks at WinterSteel pointed out the white arc in the back ground over my left shoulder (in the left margin)...It's almost as if it is snaking through the plants.
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