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I cannot remember life without GHOSTS/SPIRITS... My interest began in the paranormal when I was 2...that's when my mom told me I first started talking about GHOSTS/SPIRITS. I grew up like most of you, learning that one shouldn't talk about the things they can see, hear and feel. Now, after years of ignoring these abilities and senses, I can no longer deny it. The TIME has come...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


"Cause I've learned this and I'm gonna tell ya:
there's a time for live things and a time for dead,
for ghosts and for flesh 'n bones:
all life is just a
sharing of ghosts and flesh.
Us humans are partghost and part flesh
- part fire and part ash -
but I think maybe the ghost part is the longest lastin',
the fire blazes but the ash lasts forever."
~William Goyen
Ghosts & Flesh, Water & Dirt
Greetings My Fellow Ghosties,
Well, as promised,
I told you ALL that you would be the first to know if something transpired after last weeks *2 minute Bed-Shaking-Fest*. It did.
As I mentioned in a previous entry, I think it is very important & relevent to jot down or even LOG what you think may be a paranormal event...
The date, day of the week, time, moon phase, and anything else that seems pertinent at the time. By using this technique, it may help you to decipher a message being offered up by the other side. Otherwise, it can feel like we are swimming aimlessly in a paranormal soup.
I have been experiencing the BED SHAKING PHENOMENON, as many of you know, for about a year and a half now...
Never before moving to this home (And I DO LOVE living here, BTW).
If you are just now *tuning in* the back story is located on this blog...Go to the Blog Search Engine and key in "Haunting"...That will bring up the story of my current home and the unusual phenomena therein, as well as, past history.
I must admit that this past weekend I was a bit tense after the 2 minute
Wondering if anything was going to go down or not?!
Apart from MORE bed shaking & seeing a figure out of the corner of my eyes, nothing else happened...
(Although as a side note, I will tell you that I often feel like I see a man in his 20's, with brown hair & a leather bomber jacket on).
Perhaps, my mind is playing tricks on me...Perhaps not.
Anyway, last night my bed started shaking really HARD and within, Oh a minute or so, I could hear the now familiar screaming, swearing, & threats from my neighbor's residing in back of my home....
Somehow I knew on the inside this was IT....
This was the latest event I had been *warned* of. I actually spoke allowed and said,
As I affectionately call who or what ever does this...
"I hear the fighting and thank you for alerting me"...
It seemingly responded by shaking the bed again really hard. So, I turned down the volume on my TV to keep an ear on the escalation of violence.
Only a few minutes past, and the telephone rang; startled I answered it. It was my other neighbor (next door on the left). She said she had, had it with those neighbors and called the police after she heard punches being thrown while trying to put her 3 little ones to bed...The cops showed up within about 5 minutes and the arguing stopped...
But guess what ???
The bed KEPT shaking.
Now, I was confused!...
There went my theory of the bed shaking as a warning!
I went to bed early and tried to tune out the shaking...It's a little hard to tune out your bed shaking, though.
Well, then this morning at 7 ...
It turns out someone opened the door of my other neighbor's (the one that shares the duplex with me) car door and just left it wide open. Nothing appeared to be stolen. It was very odd!Last month someone came up on the second story landing of our building and tried to pull the screen completely off of her BEDROOM window. The No Parking sign on our property was then "tagged" with gang grafitti. After our landlord repalced the sign, whomever this was, tagged the Stop sign (knowing I suppose it would take the city weeks to fix it).
As it stands today, I feel this is a Being (Spirit or Ghost, not sure) that is warning me of impending danger, however, I will continue to keep a journal of phenomena to see if I can discern ANY other patterns whatsoever.
And ofcourse, YOU know I will update you when and if I have something new to report.
*If ANYONE reading this blog has ever had similar phenomena occur to them and/or around them...
I would LOVE to hear from YOU!...
And I bet so would other readers of this blog...
So GO ON....Post a Comment or Experience,Don't be SHY!!!!
I look forward to hearing from you! If you feel too emabaressed or feel it is too private, feel free to either PM me at GhostVillage or you can get my email address here AND/OR use the Shout Box.

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