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I cannot remember life without GHOSTS/SPIRITS... My interest began in the paranormal when I was 2...that's when my mom told me I first started talking about GHOSTS/SPIRITS. I grew up like most of you, learning that one shouldn't talk about the things they can see, hear and feel. Now, after years of ignoring these abilities and senses, I can no longer deny it. The TIME has come...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Photo Guardian Angel / ghost with my Nan! DO YOU SEE IT????

This is a photo of my nan and her guardian ange...
Added: February 04, 2008
This is a photo of my nan and her guardian angel. Some say it has the shape of Holy Mary. A few months after this photo she passed over and it wasn't until then that I noticed an image in the top right hand corner above her head. It is a bright glowing light on a cotton pillow cover. It reassures me and I share for the sake of sharing :-)

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sandi said...

What a thing to discover after the fact! In the picture nan looks so full of light! What a shap for the guardian angel to take! Thanks for sharing that!