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I cannot remember life without GHOSTS/SPIRITS... My interest began in the paranormal when I was 2...that's when my mom told me I first started talking about GHOSTS/SPIRITS. I grew up like most of you, learning that one shouldn't talk about the things they can see, hear and feel. Now, after years of ignoring these abilities and senses, I can no longer deny it. The TIME has come...

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Greetings Fellow Ghostbusters!

So is everyone preparing for their HALLOWEEN jaunts?!
You know, i would LOVE to hear about any of YOUR upcoming investigations (even if , by the way, you're conducting it yourself). My mission for this blog is to create an online community for paranormal investigators, armchair PI's, and the curious. Ideally, people will be able to connect, share research, and/or experiences. I will update you all often of our current 6 CENTS NVESTIIGATIONS -based in SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA.
We are going tomorrow to take pictures, video, and tape-recordings at the EVERGREEN CEMETARY (one of the oldest in California)in preperation for our "vigil" on Halloween. I will update you with more of the rich history and legends (albeit rather dark) of Santa Cruz over the next 13 days...
Some of these stories will include: the BROOKDALE LODGE; the MYSTERY SPOT; Mt.MADONNA; ALFRED HITCHCOCK; the WINCESTER MYSTERY HOUSE and more...Please stay tuned and please feel free to contact us! No question is too stupid. NON-JUDGEMENTAL. This is a place to share supernatural ideas, pictures, experiences, and questions. This blog will expand as we see the focus of interest take shape from you all.
Enjoy the Pictures! Here is our resident K-9 unit Angel!

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